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When I first heard that Julio Perez, the Political Director of the Orange County Labor Federation, was interested in running for the 69th Assembly District, I figured he was just testing the waters.  But he is holding a fundraiser on June 2, at Santa Ana’s Bistro 400, so I guess he is serious about running.

The 69th Assembly District is currently held by Jose Solorio, but he is terming out, after six years in Sacramento, in 2012.  Solorio previously served on the Santa Ana City Council.  The man who replaced him on that Council, Vince Sarmiento, is also planning to run for the 69th.

Remember also that the election rules have changed.  Candidates have to win by 50% or more, or else they have to face off against their runner-up, regardless of their partisan affiliation.  This means that we could end up with two Democrats running against each other in the 2012 general election!

Why is that?  Because the Republican Party is basically dead in the 69th A.D.  They have no chance of winning in the primary, at all.  And I doubt any Republicans would vote for Perez in November, given his obvious ties to labor.

Sarmiento is a known quantity.  He is a successful attorney and he has been a quiet leader on the Santa Ana City Council.  You can read his bio here.  What do we know about Perez?

According to his online bio, Perez  is an Orange County native, having been raised in the low income immigrant neighborhood situated literally ‘on the other side of the wall’ from Disneyland.

Here is the rest of his bio:

Perez received a BA in International Studies from UC Irvine and continued his education, obtaining a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.

Perez began his career in labor as a Policy Analyst with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE), and helped win organizing campaigns, worker-friendly policies and health care initiatives. He continued this work throughout his career working with SOL (Strengthening Our Lives) PAC, Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) and more recently with SEIU-UHW West.

Rick Eiden, President of the Orange County Labor Federation said “The Orange County Labor Federation has been tirelessly working to improve the lives of working men and women in Orange County. Julio’s policy, research and organizing experience will contribute immensely to our efforts of growing our labor movement in Orange County.

Can Perez, who has never run for office, beat Sarmiento?  Well, just look at the map of the 69th A.D.  There isn’t much Anaheim in it.  It is dominated by the City of Santa Ana.

Has Perez had much of an effect in Orange County?  Well, last year labor got behind a Republican, John Leos, for the Anaheim City Council.  That didn’t work out so well.  Leos lost, although labor spent a small fortune on his campaign.  So did the two Democrats in the race, Bill Dalati and John Santoianni.  I doubt they will be backing Perez in 2012.

The only victory that Perez can boast about is paying for a recount that put Republican Janet Nguyen on the O.C. Board of Supervisors.  Labor spent a ton of money over the past few elections trying to take out Republican Supervisors John Moorlach and Shawn Nelson.  That didn’t work out so well.

Perez would be better off running against Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen, in the First Supervisorial District, even if he had to move into the district.  But since Labor funded her recount, they will likely give her a free pass in 2012.  Instead they will waste thousands trying to defeat Sarmiento, which of course makes no sense at all.  He is a progressive Democrat.  Apparently Perez is not aware of that.

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35 thoughts on “Perez will battle Sarmiento in the Democratic primary for the 69th A.D.”
  1. Perez should put his ego aside and get behind Vince. Vince in his tenure on the council has demonstrated that he has the skills necessary to do the job in Sacramento. It makes no sense for labor to go against Vince seeing as he has a very pro-labor track record.

    This is just another example of Democrats eating their own and doing the Republicans work for them.

    Once Vince officially declares perhaps Perez will think better of this and get on board with Vince.

  2. Not only Vince Sarmiento is a successful attorney, but also a man with integrity and ethics. He has been an incredible councilman in Santa Ana, and I’m sure the 69th District will be in excellent hands if he decides to run for a seat in the California Assembly.

  3. Yes, yes…why can’t Perez just get out of the way and keep this a clean, easy victory for Sarmiento.

    Why is it that political insiders are often the ones most afraid of democracy in action?

  4. Anon,

    There is less money available to candidates today because of the recession. Labor should be trying to take out Republicans, like Janet Nguyen, instead of attacking good Democrats like Sarmiento.

  5. anon,

    No one is afraid of democracy. If Sarmiento was presenting an agenda that would be a threat to the positions being put forth by Mr. Perez and his supporters I could understand why they would want to challenge him.

    Vince has been a staunch supporter of labor and will likely continue that once he gets to Sacramento. It makes no sense for Perez to challenge an ally. Sarmiento is by far the stronger of the two candidates, Perez running will only cause them both to spend money on the race when that money would be better served challenging the GOP.

    Again this is simply a case of Democrats doing the Reep’s work.

  6. Sean and Admin,

    Your logic is really off. Should Republican presidential primary candidates all step aside except for the one who is “anointed” by the party? You’re asking for the same thing here, and it’s absurd.

    And you both keep talking about money. Well there’s too much money in political races anyway, and I, for one, celebrate a person who comes from humble beginnings, who isn’t one of the powerful and connected, entering this race. We should celebrate and honor that, not characterize it as an “attack”.

    On top of all that, if the 69th is a lock for any Democrat, and Vince is such a strong candidate, then he really doesn’t have anything to worry about now, does he?

  7. anon,

    Sometimes you should do what’s best for the party. Running against an ally is not best for the party. What will Perez accomplish by running against Vince?

    In regards to money in politics that is just the way the game is played currently. I agree that it is too big of a factor but until the rules are changed that is what we have.

    I am quite certain that Vince will win handily. My only concern is that the money wasted on a Perez campaign and Vince running against Perez could go towards helping Democrats in other races.

  8. Sean,

    Well then which of the Republican presidential primary candidates do you think should drop out…and which one should be the anointed one?

  9. Democrats? I used to be one. I guess I still carry the card. Idealistic “progressive” politicians are not what I thought they were growing up. You know what they say about “power”, and we know who has the power in Santa Ana. I heard Admin used to be a Republican until he realized who had the power in Santa Ana. Does DINO stand for Democrat in name only? I have an even better name for Progressives in name only. One last thought, Is “power” an illusion? or is power everything? second thought. Was Jesus a PINO? You gotta give it up for Jesus- total Commie and yet darlin’ of the conservatives. slick.

  10. Mateo,

    I quit the GOP because of their attacks on immigrants and the gay community. I am registered as a Decline to State voter. I do not trust the red or the blue parties.

    I vote for the person, not the party. I usually vote for third party candidates and some Democrats. I hardly ever vote for Republicans.

  11. anon,

    I could care less who the Republicans annoint, I am not a Republican.

    Stick to the issue at hand. Please explain to me why Perez running against an ally like Vince is good for the party overall. Perez can’t win and the money spent would be better used against the GOP.

  12. Please, Sean. You support Vince and you’re pissed that he’s apparently not going to have an unobstructed run into Solorio’s seat. These are the things political insiders concern themselves with. Well getting Vince out on the campaign trail (something he really hasn’t had to do much of) to test his mettle against another Democrat WILL be good for the party, and it will be good for him, and it will be good for the voters. Is Vince a big boy? Is he really that fragile?

  13. Anon,

    Are you a Republican? You must be happy that the Democrats are attacking each other instead of focusing on taking out Janet Nguyen.

  14. I don’t know Julio, but from his photo he appears to be likable and have a personality.

    Those are two areas in which Sarmiento is lacking.

  15. anon,

    What’s good for the party is taking out Republicans not eating our own. Perez running against Vince means that there will be less money to spend on other races against the GOP. Spending money to go after fellow Dem’s does the party no good.

    Vince ran a very successful campaign for city council. His ground operation and the folks running it were tremendous. I expect nothing less from his during an Assembly campaign.

    Vince is quite affable and very visable in the community. He will do great. Vince is far from fragile. Get used to calling him Assemblyman Sarmiento because if he runs he wins.

  16. Hey Mike Tardif aka “junior”,

    Why do you post as “junior” when attacking Vince but as Mike Tardif when supporting a project that is being proposed in the city? Why the dual personalities?

    As far as your assessment of Vince goes, it clearly demonstrates that you don’t know Vince at all. Vince is one of the nicest guys in politics you will ever meet and an excellent representitive of Santa Ana.

  17. Mill,

    I thought that you said that this Mike Tardif guy is a NIMBY type who always said “NO” to everything in the City. He is supporting a City proposal? What is up with that?

  18. Sean, if you’re such a great Democrat, why did you support Hugh Nguyen for Clerk Recorder? Why did you support Danny Tarkanian in Nevada? Vince is a great representative of a city council that can’t manage its money well, has the highest crime rate in OC, and has done very little to help the community.

  19. Mike Tardif aka “junior”,

    The proposal in question is not being put forth by the city it is being put forth by Tava Development. As a member of the sub-committee for this project I look forward to hearing more about in the near future.

    Again I just find it amusing that you post under 2 names here. Why the dual personalities? That is all I am asking.

  20. Lap Band,

    Hieu Nguyen was running for a non-partisan seat and he was far more qualified for the job than his opponent.

    In regards to Danny Tarkanian, he is a friend. Unlike many folks in politics I still believe in loyalty. Danny was also running against Sharon Angle a Tea Party darling.

    As far as Vince goes he and his colleagues are doing a great job considering the budget problems. This council is accomplishing more with less than the previous councils did with more.

    Streets are getting paved city wide after years of neglect, there is an increase in park space and crime is actually dropping. Vince and his colleagues are doing a great job for the community as a whole and are not letting the city be held hostage by a small group of malcontents as was the case in the past.

  21. Don’t forget about us supporting Republican John Leos for the Anaheim City Council over on the Liberal OC. We claim to be pillars of the Democratic party but we are just wannabe Matt Cunningham’s willing to sell out at the drop of a dime or in some cases the drop of some trousers.

  22. Don’t pick on the council for High crime, teen pregnancy, poverty issues. Really. That has nothing to do with them. That is the fall out of being a hub for poor immigration. What you can blame them for is supporting Broadway One! Fake Progressives supporting a tower of superficial, corporate money laundering, corrupt b.s. for the sake of what? B.S.! and to the detriment of all things community! So called “Reactionaries” and dis-illusioned liberals need to look at this big picture. PINOS! Progressive City Council? The world has spoken! And that is why the Tower has not begun construction! SUPPPORT a VILLAGE! not IMMMORAL CORPORATE BULL SHEET!

  23. I still believe in you Admin. I am the only one on this side that still believes in you. You have been good to me. I hope they don’t chop your head off because of it.

  24. Mateo,

    The One Broadway Tower would bring thousands of jobs and people to downtown Santa Ana. How is that bad?

    The opponents of OBP are opposed to all change and many of them are also virulently anti-Latino. They are the same hatersthat put traffic barriers in French Park, to keep the Mexicans out.

  25. Admin, War. Prisons. D.U. I Stops. Wall Street Losers all create certain kind of jobs. Don’t they?

  26. “Nice language “junior” aka Mike Tardif.”………. Hmmm

    Why don’t you leave “junior” alone and pick a bone with a real man Mill?….. Huh?

    Lets talk about my spousal and child abuse you psycho.

    Obviously your picture next to SAPD Chief Walters indicate that you are both yellow cowards.

    1. No Stanley, neither Sean nor Chief Walters are cowards.

      And I do think that everyone is entitled to the occasional mistake. I have met your wife and I know she is quite fond of you. Obviously the two of you have moved past whatever it is happened. That is a good thing.

      One thing that you and Sean have in common is you say what you say with your real names. I think Sean is offended because some commenters hide behind false names. There are times when that is necessary of course, but sometimes it is just annoying…

  27. “.. you say what you say with your real names. I think Sean is offended because some commenters hide behind false names.”

    Yeah, .. and who the heck is fake name “Admin”?

    1. Mike,

      Nothing fake about it Tardif. Anyone who blogs knows who administrates this blog. Unfortunately there are litigious bloggers in town that have forced this blog’s admin to post as such due to their constant stalking.

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