Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

I just got off the phone with a reporter from the OC Weekly.  She called to tell me that one of my opponents, Eleazar Elizondo, a liberal Democrat who once worked for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, doesn’t think I should be able to call myself a teacher because I work in Adult Education, at Cerritos Community College.  Well that is interesting – apparently Elizondo is not aware that the Orange County Department of Education is heavily involved in Career Technical Education for adults!

Here is what the O.C. Department of Education has to say about this on their website:

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5 thoughts on “OC Board of Education candidate Elizondo slams adult education”
  1. My Dad was behind this!

    Last night he and Chris and Andrew sat around trying to figure out how to CRUSH YOU!

    Matt Cunningham was supposed to come, but his wife wouldn’t let him be in the same building with a homosexual.

    I wondered if she was talking about me, Andy or uncle Chris?

  2. I thought when Elizondo lost his race for OC Supervisor and then lost his race for Santa Ana City Council his political career was dead.

    Who’s the knucklehead who went and dug Elizondo out of his grave?

    He has no chance of winning and he should stop embarrassing himself by making stupid allegations. I think it may be true he has shit for brains.

  3. Come on now Mr. Alex C.

    For one you are not him, if you were you would know that your “Dad” or “Uncle Chris” had nothing to do with Elizondo running.

    This seems to be a comment designed just to upset Art, Dan and Elizondo. Get a life already!!! or Pick on the real nut in this race Mr Hammond unless you happen to be working for him.

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