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Modesto Tapia-Clara
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The dead man whose body was found floating in the lake at Santa Ana’s Centennial Park has been identified as 31-year-old Modesto Tapia-Clara of Huntington Beach, according to the O.C. Register.

Tapia-Clara’s body was found floating in the lake on Wednesday morning, by a city worker.  SAPD detectives still don’t know how he met his end or why his body was in the water.  Apparently there are no signs of foul play or trauma on the body.

The Orange County Coroner’s office will be performing an autopsy on the body this Friday to try to determine the official cause of death.

Modesto Tapia-Clara and his wife and son

Unbelievably Tapia-Clara’s wife gave birth prematurely on the same day that his body was found.  They already had one young son.

Tapia-Clara was a Mexican immigrant who came to the U.S. to work so he could send money to his pregnant wife, who had an illness that required costly medication.

Tapia-Clara had been in this country for about three months, working as a gardener, before he died.

He was supposed to take the bus back to his residence in Huntington Beach but he never made it home.

His family is trying to raise money to send his body back to Mexico for a funeral.  They also need help with his wife’s medical bills. Click here to contribute.

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14 thoughts on “Man found dead in the lake at Centennial Park identified as Modesto Tapia-Clara”
  1. Dear Editor, regarding the wife and premature son of Mr.Modesto Tapia Clara, please let me know how I can contact them. I have important resources for them and would really like to help them out.

    1. Hes my cousin/ brother he was living with me if you’d like to contribute to his cause you can contact my family, and we are in contact with my dad’s sister (modesto mom) in mexico. Also my cousins made a GOFUNDME account for him if you’d like to check IT out

    1. We are doing food festivals and raising money, if you don’t know please don’t put any negative things. We did the gofundme for the people who can’t get a hold of my family

  2. If you’re going to speak out of your a*s leave that sh*t in there no one needs you negativity douche bag.

  3. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. I live near the park and this has never happened here. I just wanted to know what part of Mexico?

  4. For those jente that really want to help. The Family of our Mexican departed brother from Puebla really needs your help. Unfortunately the premature baby boy also past away and was burried today. He was my friend here in Mexico. His Family needs your help people. God bless.

  5. Esta persona era originaria de Chiautla de Tapia, Puebla, México
    Desgraciadamente el bebé de su esposa falleció y su familia necesitan apoyo económico… Por favor ayuden a estas personas que lo necesitan tanto!!!

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