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This guy says he is almost homeless…

UPDATE: The Santa Ana City Council rejected Santa Ana Occupy’s request to camp out in Downtown Santa Ana, according to O.C. Register reporter Andrew Galvin, who commented on his Facebook page.  The Council meeting lasted until midnight but turned out to be an epic fail for Santa Ana Occupy, as we predicted earlier.

The Santa Ana City Council just got underway a few minutes ago.  The Council Members are still giving away various awards and commendations.  It could be awhile before Occupy Santa Ana gets to argue that the City should allow them to camp out at night…

I will be watching the meeting from home and you are invited to comment as the meeting unfolds.

Click here to watch the meeting online, live.

Planning Commissioner Sean Mill is there tonight as well to speak in support of a new Affordable Housing Ordinance.  Bravo Sean!

Amazing.  Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez just spoke out against the ordinance.  But Benavides and Sarmiento are supporting it.  Sarmiento says that those who have made a lot of money now have a responsibility to support affordable housing.  Amen!

The disgraced Carlos Bustamante just asked for a 30 day continuance.  And Alvarez is harping about the BIA not being there.  What a joke.  Sarmiento just punked Bustamante – saying it is his fault he didn’t read the material!

Alvarez says developers need to come in here and have the flexibility to essentially not support affordable housing.  What the heck?  And she says Sarmiento is pandering to the audience?  She has lost it.

Sal Tinajero is now explaining very well what the ordinance is about.  Good job Sal!  And now Michele Martinez is backing him up.

Sarmiento is on fire.  He is right.  The BIA and developers should NOT dictate our policies!

The Council voted and Alvarez ended up going with the majority.  Only Bustamante voted against the ordinance.  What a sad dork he is…

Now the anti-PBID crowd is hammering the PBID board and asking the City Council to get rid of the PBID.  It is sad how these poor folks are getting squeezed.  I doubt they will get two votes from this Council.

The Council is now voting on three motions by Alvarez.  The first one just died.  The second one is for a new PBID election.  Michele seconded it.  Tinajero, Benavides and Bustamante voted it down.  Lastly, she wants to add a process for disestablishment of the PBID, as the state law dictates.  She did not get a second.  The motion died.  Tinajero made a motion to table any  discussion re PBID until May.  It just passed.

And here we go.  The Occupy Santa Ana speakers are now going off.  The gal pictured above is blasting the City over homeless people.  She says our political leaders are stuck in some kind of bubble.  Weird.

Now she is quoting Cesar Chavez – a guy whose followers often beat up undocumented immigrants.

This guy says he lives in Costa Mesa.  He must have got lost this evening.

This guy says he lives in the Civic Center.  He says we are all going to end up homeless.  He says we have a right to poverty.

This guy wants Santa Ana to gather information about what cities are dumping the homeless in Santa Ana and how many beds are available to them.  Not sure how he wants to pay for that.

This gal lives in Westminster.  She says she is not an anarchist.

Theo is now going off about a bunch of stuff.  Glad he is finally speaking up for immigrants.  Mayor Pulido just told him he gave a great speech but he asked him to wrap it up.  Theo now asked Santa Ana to be like Irvine.  Barf!

This guy is ready to be arrested.

This guy read from the Koran.

This guy says he is almost homeless.

This one says she is a mom who graduated from UCI.

This one says her name is Jenny.  She questions the value of money.

This one says her name is Sarah.

This guy is rambling about branding.

This guy was mad. Not sure what about.

And here is Greg Diamond, the Brea blogger.  He says the problem is the comfortable and the insulated.  Um, Greg?  You look pretty comfy and insulated.

This guy says he is speaking for the elderly and for kids.

A former Marine who is now part of Occupy.

I can’t remember what the heck she said.

Same goes for this one.

Pulido’s pal Alex Vega says he is now part of Occupy.  Aye Dios!

And with that, I am off to bed.  I am confident our City Council will send this bunch packing…

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22 thoughts on “Updated: Santa Ana Council rejects Occupy camping bid”
  1. I know man. Admin doesn’t like dirty white people at all even if they talk a whole lot of sense and are good at making friends with the dirty mexican people too. He seems to only care about dirty mexican undocumented people these days for some reason. Makes me wonder about Admin.

  2. And I ask you, Dear Reader, do you think that Art’s summaries of what people said really tell the story?

    I began a long comment here, but it will work better over at Orange Juice.

    And yes, if you define “insulated” as “fat,” I’m pretty well insulated. There are, however, other definitions.

    1. You know what tells the story? You guys can’t count to four. Speaker after speaker got up and ripped our Council. What did you think was going to happen then? FAIL.

      As a Brea attorney, aren’t you the 1%? I am pretty sure you make five to ten times what most folks in Santa Ana earn.

  3. It was a win / win situation .

    The many people who showed up to ask and demand a right to camp in the civic center, got a win, they get to blame the evil council for not listening to them while getting to sleep in their warm beds.

    This was a very interest council meeting, there was the 1 percent’ ors bitching about the PBID and the 99 percent’ ors bitching about the possibility of having to work for a living.

  4. Hey Art,

    I have always spoke up for immigrants! Also, I think you should educate yourself on what this movement is really all about. This is not some BS, T-party or wannabe hippy BS. I think you know as well as I do that I am no BSer, I would never get involved in something unless it had potential to fix a broken system. This movement is international.

    I only say the above because it seems like you’re missing out on a few details as to what this movement is.


    1. I have spent many hours reading about Occupy. If you ask 10 Occupiers what it is about you’ll get ten answers.
      I agree that the Dems and the Republicans suck. They’re two sides of the same coin.

      But taking over public property at night will resolve nothing.

      Boycotts are more effective.

      And recruiting well-off lawyers from Brea isn’t helping your cause.

  5. “boy o boy they wrapped it up by midnight”…… Hmmmm

    And I had to leave at 9:30 to pickup my daughter from work cook.

    Obviously the occupation was rejected because I was not presenting my argument.

    However, this stupid decision will bite the city in the ass as it always does because Walters/Pulido duet always does everything in the manner which hurts city in long run.

    So wait until I post: “I told you so”

  6. Admin, it is not about the Dems, Republicans and in between.

    It is about the American Renaissance which you will never understand.

    If they are well connected to the ACLU they will win in court.

    I agree that lawyer from the Brea lost his closing argument yesterday. Poor clients.

  7. No, Art, my household income does not exceed $350,000 for our family of 4. If I were part of the 1% and I were thus being a “traitor to my class” like Warren Buffett, though, what would be wrong with that?

    We didn’t try to control people (who probably would have rejected attempts to control them anyway.) Those who wanted to be harsh were harsh; those who wanted to engage constructively did so.

    You think that not getting a motion approved last night was a “fail.” I don’t think that you understand the contours of the game — or its duration.

    I doubt that Fiala could summarize my “closing argument” from last night even if his next meal depended on it. But about the dangers that this decision poses for Santa Ana, he’s right. It was not economically wise.

  8. “I doubt that Fiala could summarize my “closing argument” from last night even if his next meal depended on it”…. Hmmmmm

    FYI dullard Diamond, I have busted the Iron Curtain so my “next meal depended on” me and not on Bolsheviks like you.

    Although the American Renaissance is essential the Bolshevism is not.

    You are just embarrassment to it and that is why people fears you to sleep overnight in their parks — just like they fear perverts.

  9. Stan, I hope you were satisfied with my delivery of your concerns about privileged speech.

    I didn’t think I would get 2 three minute time slots, so I read the 1st three paragraphs and mentioned this goes with your prior comments. Then I gave the print out to the clerk for the record.

    I think most of the people there enjoyed themselves, at least the 99’ers. The 1 ‘er were pissed that they are still going to be taxed to provide security for their property.

  10. wow, the guy who wrote this article is supposed to be a writer or blogger, using a second graders vocabulary? I think he is extremely jealous of the real writers who wrote and delivered crowd inspiring speeches that moved every soul that sat in that room including the city council, who agreed with the movement and commended the speeches. when the mayor is obliged enough to say “that is a great speech” then it is no wonder the intimidation this blogger would feel, because writing like this he will never hear those words told to him lol. for those of you who were not there ,it is sad that he reduced the speeches to a few infantile sentences ,because they were powerful and well delivered I felt inspired and uplifted after hearing brilliant minds speak on the true state of this country and the real importance of this movement. If you don’t understand what it is the occupy movement is doing then go find out. don’t speak about it unless you are educated like most in the occupy movement are.thanks for reading.


  11. @Admin – Maybe they did not speak about the housing ordinance because they did not have anything prepared to say about it and they do not like to speak about things they dont know about. Maybe you should take a page from their book.

  12. This is only but a bump in the road for this movement. Its only going to get worse for the city counsel. The people are upset and willing to do whatever it takes, when it comes to peace, to have there voices heard.

  13. I suspect that when we come back next meeting (and I hope to be there) we WILL speak out for the affordable housing ordinance, after we have time to learn about it.

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