Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

A huge illegal fireworks show exploded on Saturday night near the 400 block of West Central Avenue. It could be seen or heard as far away as Huntington Beach, Irvine and even Aliso Viejo. There are many comments about it on Reddit.

A 5-minute video shared on YouTube titled “Pyromaniac Takeover” showed what happened but it was removed from YouTube. However the title of the video hints that this might be the next evolution of the street takeovers that have become so prevalent in Southern California.

Residents reported hearing the fireworks for about an hour. The SAPD reported that they were set off in the middle of the street at around 10:30 p.m. The SAPD did not respond to the site until an hour later.

As usual the SAPD police officers took awhile to get there so the crowd of 40 or so people that had gathered to watch took off and of course there were no arrests reported. Try this in Irvine or Tustin and you can bet that dozens would have been arrested!

The SAPD police officers did find a package containing explosives and they had to call in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad to defuse it.

OCFA firefighters showed up too as they had to put out several small fires in the area caused by the illegal fireworks. A few food trucks parked in the area also ended up with shattered windows shattered, according to the SAPD. 

The SAPD and OCFA did not report any injuries. The SAPD is investigating but don’t expect anyone to pay the price for this illegal show.

The repercussions of the show could have been deadly as it took place near the John Wayne Airport and of course was not permitted.

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One thought on “Huge illegal firework show set off in Santa Ana was seen and heard all over Orange County”
  1. This only happens in SA and we call the police to reporte their illegal pyrosfires and never came and arrest them, is like they are colluded with the sales guys and allow them to happen at every day and any time. They gave 25 millions to the police and they not good even to stop them, to me are a waste and Amezcua, Becerro and Penaloza are corrupted to them because they finance their campaign to get elected, The SA is a chaos everywhere, the worst in OC and with the higher taxis for the police and the streets abandoned and the parks neglected. Sorry but true

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