Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
sleeping in Santa Ana parks
Photo by Igmar Rodas

Apparently it is illegal to sit in a blanket in a public space in Santa Ana, according to homeless activist Igmar Rodas.  He says that he several homeless people he knows have been told this by SAPD police officers.

Our local ordinances are passed by our City Council.  Past City Councils have used such laws to harass the homeless for many years.  Sadly our current Council appears to be asleep at the while on this and many other issues.

You might recall that we previously reported about the SAPD mandate to register bicycles.  Most residents never did this but the only ones to receive tickets were of course the homeless.

Other communities are figuring out that we can solve the homeless problem by providing housing and mental health services to the homeless instead of harassing them.

Click here to email our City Council.

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12 thoughts on “Homeless people are harassed by the SAPD for sitting on blankets in public spaces”
  1. OK, I know that some homeless are creeps that bother people, but most are just messed up in the head. Most that I know don´t want “help.” They don´t like shelters, and just want a place to sleep and use the bathroom. In Biblical days, strangers and homeless with no other place to go were allowed to sleep in the city square, but had to move out (with their stuff) at dawn. Why don´t we do the same with some of the empty spaces in the government center in downtown Santa Ana? Let them sleep there, and tell them to move on at dawn. Plus, there´s plenty of pólice presence to make sure they mind their p´s and q´s.

  2. They dont register bikes no more according a bike buddy , she said u gotta to the national data base , sapd dont have the fund

  3. Exposed? Lol. Enjoy living in that dump. It’s amazing that some people like Igmar and “editor” are such narcissist that they beleive they’re saving the homeless. When you go to the Civic Center for things like property taxes, birth certificates, marriage licenses, or people that are taking children to the library and you have to walk over human crap, it smells like urine, crackhead and tweekers and sex registrants and criminals are just settled in like they live there, we’ll it’s disgusting. It’s unsafe; for citizens, children, employees and the homeless. But oh well, you want to live in filth be my guest. Or why don’t you “expose” all of the crime that is committed by the “poor homeless” in the Civic center? Why don’t you speak to employees who have to walk through this everyday? Speak to businesses who are victimized by the homeless? Speak to the homeless themselves who are victims of rapes, assaults, robberies etc. at the hands of other homeless? “Expose” that and I’ll give you some credit. Igmar Rodas is a joke like the rest of the 18-40 able bodied grown men who are out in the Civic Center homeless. Must be nice to be a lazy bum and be fed 3-5 times a day, get free haircuts and health care, have an EBT card with taxpayer money on it and then just be able to lay out a blanket and soak it all in.

      1. It seems your solution, Mr. Editor, is to place this burden directly on the backs of the taxpayers to provide, as you said, housing and treatment. Why don’t you put your effort towards raising the funds privately? You seem to be worried more about smearing those who disagree with you. And by the way, how about some proof reading of the articles before they are published?

    1. I’m an Activist on Police Issues (Brutality) when you are on the raw end of a Police Beating, Just think of me and what I could do to Help You….

    2. Do you believe in karma because homelessness could happen to anyone at anytime. And to bring some common sense to the homeless haters out there becoming homeless is not a choice for many who need compassion not condemnation. It has been proven that housing the homeless saves the cities tax dollars and takes care of a big part of the problem. Those who oppose shelters shame on you and don’t forget that karma is real.

  4. and why is SA stuck with so many homeless? Because churches and groups from other cities (i.e. Irvine) come to the civic center everyday and feed them, cloth them etc so they stay there and dont move to their beautiful bedroom communities. Inasked one of these groups why they didnt use their big church parking lot in their city to feed the homeless. They looked upset and said the homeless were already in SA. Most of those poor homeless in the CC are parolees,mprobationers, and convicted sex offenders.

  5. Mr. Pedroza,

    Do you ever post any of the good things the police does for the community because there is plenty?

    Manny D

    1. Obviously you are not a regular reader of this blog. We post every single press release the SAPD sends us. And the OCDA press releases too. We are not anti police but we do reserve the right to be critical of their policies and actions.

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