Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

As reported in an earlier post today, Republican Robert Hammond has withdrawn from the race for the 69th Assembly District, according to the OC Political Blog.  He is running instead for the Orange County Board of Education, in the First Area, which is being vacated by the incumbent, Long Pham.

Hammond is an extremist social conservative.  He is anti-immigrant and anti-gay.  He would be very much like former O.C. BOE Trustee Alexandria Coronado, who got the boot the last time she ran, after she made anti-gay comments.

You will note in Hammond’s press release, included below, that he is obsessed with stopping SB 48, a bill regarding school curriculum to include gay history.  He does not talk about graduation or dropout rates, funding, or anything else that really matters to those of us with kids in public schools.

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