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Medical Marijuana

The Santa Ana Police Department once again raided many of Santa Ana’s medical marijuana dispensaries, arresting over 40 people, last night according to OC-NORML’s Facebook page.

The SAPD made 42 arrests after similar raids in mid-July this year, according to the O.C. Register.

The City of Santa Ana banned medical marijuana dispensaries in 2007, but that was ridiculous given that the people of California approved the use of medical marijuana via a statewide ballot measure, Prop. 15, back in 1996.

The only reason our city is having these problems is that the city leaders opted to resist medical marijuana instead of working to find a way to make this work for everyone.  What they should have done years ago was develop a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) protocol for medical marijuana dispensaries.

San Diego, for example, has a CUP for medical marijuana dispensaries that limits them to four per Council District.  But they also limit them to certain industrial zones.

Some cities have opted instead to establish commercial zones with the number of dispensaries greatly limited.  West Hollywood did this, for example.

Why did the Santa Ana City Council sit on their hands all these years instead of developing a reasonable CUP for medical marijuana dispensaries?  Now we are in a real bind as activists stepped into the breach with their own plan, which is being submitted to the voters as a ballot measure.  You can read it about it here.  The City Council has countered the proposal with a half-baked measure of their own.

But this mess in Santa Ana comes down to a lame City Council that has punted on the issue for years and a Planning Agency that for whatever reason did not look for better alternatives, going along with the elected officials that are clearly over their heads when it comes to any real civic issue.

That people are being arrested for selling a product legalized by the voters of California since 1996 is just ridiculous and all of this could and should have been avoided had our city leaders just done their jobs!

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10 thoughts on “Forty more arrested at Santa Ana medical marijuana dispensaries”
  1. “arrested for selling a product legalized by the voters”

    Nope, not true. Medical marijuana is legal in Santa Ana.

    The store front pot shops selling retail to anyone is not.

      1. There is not a procedure to verify the cards, the pot shops need to register with the state attorney general (I checked and found one registered, but it was also suspended for failure to file the paper work, and they are selling candies and cookies that are not legal per the state pot laws.

        If they are breaking the law, what makes you think they check any kind of card?

          1. The rules are clear now. It is to bad that some of the councilmembers are unable to read the writing on the wall.

  2. First off if sales is legal why am I being prosecuted by the Orange County D.A.s office for sales and transportation? I have been fighting a case for over four years. Second where in Prop215 does it say we can not sell it to each other as patients? The Jovan Jackson court of appeals ruling stated we could exchange monies. Look up my case. #OCDAISABULLY

    1. C3209028 05/13/2009 FTB SUSPENDED PRO215.COM LEGALZOOM.COM, INC. (why have you been suspended? why didn’t you do your paper work?)

      Not resisted with attorney general.
      No DBA on file.

      Looks like you are not a legally licensed medical provider. That means you should be prosecuted for violation of the law.

      1. Yes Jason Andrews is not legally running his business as required by law but yoy could show him what you found in the information you provided how his business FTB was suspended in 2009 it just doesn’t register in his uneducated brain. All the patients he delivered to were put at risk of prosecution because he was operating illegally but what does he care he was making money and thats all that mattered then and now that he has been arrested again its back to the woe is me story on how he helps patients and why am i (jason) being targeted? Wake up you dont know how to keep your mouth shut and you havent worked a hard days work in your life. You’re operaring on a suspended FTB licenses what more so you need Jason to se why you are where you are.
        La Habra
        X patient
        Thanks for putting me at risk over the years A Hole…

        1. Wow Jason your FTB was suspended since 09 why were you delivering to me as well when you weren’t legally aloud. I asked you many different times if you had everything legal since your last bust and you assured me over and over that you were legally ok. I am not very happy to have been misled but I wish you well youre a good guy but all lies surface sooner or later Jason.

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