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On October 22, 2020, at 3:32 PM, Garden Grove Police Department Community Impact Unit (CIU) officers conducted a traffic stop of a car in the area of 9th St and Garden Grove Blvd for vehicle code violations.

During a search of the vehicle, a fanny pack containing a loaded handgun, an extra loaded handgun magazine, and thousands of dollars in cash was located.

The driver, later identified as David Barraza, was found to be a convicted felon prohibited from owning or possessing firearms and ammunition. Further investigation revealed he was staying at a local hotel.

Garden Grove police officers subsequently served a search warrant of his room and found an additional hi-capacity handgun magazine, a handgun holster, additional ammunition, a digital scale, and a baggie of suspected narcotics.

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23 thoughts on “Felon arrested in Garden Grove on gun charges”
  1. This guy is not very smart.Everytime his face alone makes him a mark. I laughed when it said GGPD Pulled him over for vehicle code violations. When it’s clearly his face that got him pulled over. His face says hi I’m over here. I’m a felon. I do drugs! The fact that this guy doesn’t know that is surprising ! He can’t go anywhere without being a total mark. If he went out driving around with his guns then he is a stupid criminal. With a face like that he’s asking to be arrested.THATS ALL IM SAYING!

    1. I support increasing the funding towards deterrents from institutionalization. By lowering costs of housing criminals; good food, good water, virtual reality, and isolation. This could deter; reoccurring crimes within institutions, allow less Correction Officer needs, prevent criminal-on-criminal crime, and give more freedom while simultaneously restricting others the same.

    2. The Democrats would say your just being a racist and profiling him isjust wrong! He’s just misunderstood

    1. You’re wrong about that. I do. Going through these comments..I’m not surprised how cruel the world can be. You people have no idea what a kind soul David truly is. Yes he makes bad choices. But at least he’s not a hateful soul.

  2. He looks about as worthless as they come what a shame what a waste of life Iam sure when he gets out of prison he will have lots of job offers waiting for him those tattoos will really help his future

  3. When an individual gets tattoos like that on their face that is tantamount to saying, “I don’t ever want to get a real job or assimilate into becoming a productive member of society.”

    God bless our Police Officers!

  4. This is the face of an Ugly West Coast Pussy who thinks he part of the MS13 Gang. What woman would want to kiss that Notoriously Disgusting Ugly Shitface Idiot?

    1. You would surprised how many women will sleep with him just because he is a bad boy type. Most women don’t care about if a guy has an education or not they just want the bad boys.

  5. Fix our justice system; criminals in mass are funded by government, and control government, and sit in boxes while others think of how to try and hurt their feelings. We are hardening our own people into a state of inaction, or public thinks words hurt them, and throws words at people who simply know physical responses. I feel sorry for both sides of this coin. There will always be a place to work; if you ever choose another lifestyle. God bless our people, this fight is forever.

  6. You’d be suprised. This guy hanged out on oma and Gilbert. A very quiet suburb. His Mexican homie will be upset he got caught up. Oh well.

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