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Angel Gomez
Anthony Angel Gomez is pictured on the left.

In a city awash with domestic violence incidents, as we report in our Daily Santa Ana Crime Reports, an incident on October 5, 2013, stands out.

Anthony Angel Gomez, who was 31 years old, died after he was badly injured during an incident involving his wife, Paulina Lugo Gomez.  They were separated at the time.  On the day in question they were having an argument, at 10th and Lowell Street, when Paulina took off in a vehicle and Anthony reportedy tried to jump onto it.  He fell and ended up with severe head trauma.

Anthony’s family is looking for answers.  They believe that Paulina was behind the wheel and their two minor children were present at the time.  But no other witnesses have stepped up.

The Santa Ana Police Department was called that day at 3:29 pm and at 5:30 Anthony was transported to Western Medical Center where he later died on Oct. 12, 2013.

Anthony’s family, which resides in Riverside, was not notified of the incident until two days later on the night of Oct. 7. When they arrived at Western Medical Center, in Santa Ana, they were informed that Anthony was a John Doe and no one had came to visit him since the incident.

Anthony’s parents, sisters and family members stayed at the hospital 24/7, hoping and praying that Anthony would awake from his coma. They went to the SAPD onOct. 9, 2013, to seek answers on why no one was arrested after the incident.   Domestic violence detectives informed them that the case still had not been assigned to a specific detective and that the report still had not been typed up.  They also said that sometimes when police are called out to domestic violence calls they do not treat the case seriously and sometimes produce lackluster reports, which is when the detectives step up.

On oct. 11, 2013, Anthony’s family was notified that his recovery had taken a turn for the worse.  The family then notified the Domestic Violence detectives at the SAPD and they were advised the case had just been opened and that Paulina needed to be questioned but since Anthony was likely to pass away, the detective said that she would need to transfer the case to Homicide.

On Oct. 14, the family spoke to a Homicide detective and they were informed that Paulina still had not been questioned but she had obtained a lawyer and would be coming in to give a statement.

On Oct. 16 they were informed that due to very limited evidence the District Attorney will not be pursuing murder charges as per Detective Leo Ramirez. The family was informed on Oct. 17 that the case would be transferred over to the traffic division.

The family called the traffic division on Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, to seek answers on why there had been no arrest. The family feels that someone needs to be charges with foul play, manslaughter, or driving without a license. They contend that something is wrong with the story and with the Santa Ana P.D.

Anthony’s sister wonders if the story was turned around and Anthony was driving, would he have been detained immediatly?  And why did it take nine days to get a statement from the prime suspect? And why was Paulina drving when she did not have a drivers license?


His sister noted that past records show that Paulina and Anthony have been arguing for many years, and that back in 2012 he went to the Family Court and got a temporary restraining order against Paulina.  She says that they have pictures of scratches she left him. And she says that Anthony tried a number of times to move on with his life and to be happy but every time he tried to move on Paulina would hold his kids back. This was heartbreaking for him as he purportedly “lived for those kids.”

Was this a case of domestic violence against a man or did Paulina flee out of concern for her own well-being?  Was it an accident or was hit premeditated?  There are a lot of questions but no answers.  If you saw something that day, Anthony’s family encourages you to remember that anonymous tips may be submitted to Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCC (855-847-6227) or at

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80 thoughts on “Family wants to know why charges weren’t filed after a father of two died”
  1. I am also wondering why there was no investigation into this supposed accident. I agree with the family that there is something wrong with the story and with the SAPD.

  2. Just because you hang on to a moving vehicle or try to stay on its pathway…doesn’t make the driver a killer………People need to realize that is not assault with a deadly weapon (in this case the car) if you made the dumb decision not to let go of the car or to stay in front of it as it drives away. Furthermore, if the driver had stopped and then she got assaulted or kill..(ever think about that????

    1. As I wrote in my post, we don’t know what happened. This incident happened in the afternoon – in broad daylight. Surely someone must have seen something?

      Guessing what happened is pure conjecture. We need some witnesses to step up!

    2. Guadalupe – May I ask where would you get the thought of him holding on to the vehicle? Just curious? And yes, i do believe that if it was your decision to run out in the street to get hit then fault is on you, but that is not how the justice system always works.

    1. The point of the article was that a) no one has stepped up as a witness, and b) the police appear to have bungled the report process. So why exactly should this be let go?

  3. Rumor has it that her children were in the car, that Anthony was run over 3 times and that the only person the wife told was a girlfriend.

  4. The REAL judgement day will come for her one day. If our justice system cant pull their heads out of their asses she will have to answer to God eventually. And she will pay for what shes done.

  5. You can run but YOU CAN’T HIDE! The fact that you still can sit there and attack what we all know is the TRUTH, proves to everyone your disgusting character and your evil intentions. Alex, Paulina, “Anonymous”, conniving, Illegal, meth addict, murderer, we understand you were BORN LIE as an illegal immigrant and trust me, no hard feelings with regards to immigrant’s but my point across is her upbringing, she was raised to lie and survive in this country as a liar, not to mention cheating on her married husband. Even her own daughter calls her a liar. So please understand that her Evil intensions proves her character. If it was an accident, she would have notified the family a lot sooner that waiting two days to FB someone. I promise you this… Evil NEVER wins!! This is only the beginning of our rights to seek justice, in which, your anonymous bs won’t fly anymore… technology does wonders and it’s only a matter of time until things catch up you! BTW- You should be ashamed of yourself, what type of person notifies Anthony’s family 2 days AFTER putting him in the hospital as a JOHN DOE?? We all have to live with our mistakes but looks like 2 days was enough to buy you some time and get your story straight. FYI – He was sooooo happy without you and in fact, had you responded to his filed divorce papers on July 7, 2013, (you were served but u didn’t respond)…. would have been enough justice for him to move on in life… but noooooooo we sit here with pain… and your kids now have no father. ***** R.I.P. ANTHONY GOMEZ… we will NEVER GIVE UP on your smile… you did not deserve to die that day but your love will live in our hearts.

  6. Wow well said TO “Justice” In loving Memory of Anthony Gomez R.I.P. ANTHONY GOMEZ… we will NEVER GIVE UP!!!! FROM Holguin FAM…

  7. R.I.P i know your in heaven its sad to know that your the mother of your children took your life away when you had to so much to give. And you were full of life not only that she getting away with it but guilt will eat her away and karma is a bitch onlygod knows what you did 🙁

  8. R.I.P i know your in heaven its sad to know that the mother of children took your life away when you had your life ahead of you . What goes around comes around. I know you watching your children and the people who love you

  9. Such a tragedy. I pray for Anthony and his family that someone will step up with information that will shed light to what happen and why the life of a young loving man was taken. To give closure and the justice deserved.
    She has not only taken the life of a great guy but is getting away with it because of lies. She took two days away from his family… thats two more days that they could have had with him. That’s two more days she had to figure out her story.
    My heart goes out to the family. May Anthony RIP.
    To my nephew Michael and Andrew and my niece Reanna…. I’m sorry that you and the rest of the family have lost your uncle Anthony. I love you guys and I’m sending hugs and prayers to you and the family. Love Aunt Lil

  10. I know Anthony and his family. He was a good person that didnt deserve this. If she doesn’t pay for her sins in this life she will in her next. One day she’ll have to explain to her kids how she killed their Daddy. If she had nothing to hide she would have told his family. If she had nothing to hide she would have been by his side at the hospital and he would have never been admitted as a John Doe. At least that’s what I would do for my daughter’s father…separated or not. If the rolls were reversed he’d be locked up already. I’m sorry Gomez family.

  11. At this point the problem is with the Santa Ana police and whether or not they did their due diligence with this investigation. It sounds as though the details are being brushed under the rug in hopes that it will just go away. Thank you to the New Santa Ana for its efforts in bringing out the issue…now it might be time for other news organizations to get involved. At the very least, this incident happened with an illegal, non-licensed driver. Isn’t there any consequence for that Santa Ana PD?

    1. I think the family should also post everything he has done like using drugs hitting his wife. You say john doe? She called the paramedics and they took him to the hospital how is that possible. How about his family saying threating things to her ect. MAY I REMIND YOU SHE PAID FOR THE FUNERAL. And you say her cheating? Wow and he never cheated on her? Mmmmm interesting but anyways I hope they publish everything about both of them. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THATS WHAT DRUGS do to you makes you wanna jump in front of a moving vehicle ask the paramedics they said he’s on something he won’t let us help him he was fighting with them…

      1. im sorry, but “smile” who in the heck are you? Obviously someone who knows Alex “Paulina” in this manner. But whatever negative you have to say about someone doesn’t need to be heard. you where not there nor was anybody else as we could see. No body is an angel and by all means family and friends knew Anthony was far from one, but doesn’t mean his life should have been taken. So you’re saying you knew for a fact that she was the one who called the paramedics? Then why was it that she was not by his side from the ambulance ride to the day he was pronounced dead? where you the first ones there to visit him and had to fight with the security guard because they did not have an Anthony Gomez they had a “John Doe?” i dont think so. If she is feeding you this bullshit you are dumb for believing in it because she is making you look real stupid. And im sorry, but if someone “accidentally” ran over your family member would you not put out a threat? No one threaten anybody for the fact she was protected by the security. she wasn’t so big and bad with out her car was she? Oh and for the funeral. really? That devil didnt even have a funeral for him she got him cremated because it was “cheaper”. We as a family raised money to give my brother a proper service. I agree with you that not one of them is innocent, but you do not have one right to put bullshit out there like you knew the truth. But we don’t owe you any explanation to what happen BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT!! SO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! AND LET THAT “FRIEND” OF YOURS CONTINUE TO FEED YOU BULLS* and become that follower she is proclaiming you to be.

  12. at least thats what is going around the social media.. if she quilty i hope he gets justice but if it was an accident let him rest in peace. my prayers are to his family and to anyone hurting by this.

  13. She ran him over 3 times?? WTF if she had her kids in the car im guessing they took statement from the kids right?? The kids dont lie and if what the children said in there statement is the reason why no crime charges are being charged.. RIght??? just saying

    1. wtf? sweetie i dont know who you are , but you need to stop listening to her lying ass. like i said before you dont know anything so keep your mouth shut. No on cares about if he or she was on drugs, if the kids where in the car. we are trying to call out the SAPD for their lack of job skills. why was it Paulina had a lawyer before she msg me to tell me my brother is in a coma? why is it the police didnt take her statement first? you would think, she was there at the time of the incident right? Tell me why my nephews story was the exact same as his mothers and my niece didn’t have a statement? tell me why if you know everything? because my family is grieving in pain to know the truth. *just saying*

      And for the justice we are seeking, yes would be to put her away because i think everyone would agree that if he even verbally threaten to hit her with his car his ass would have been locked up for threaten assault. My brother was a man! he took care of his kids and never called the cops on that spec.

      oh one more thing that comes to mind. did she tell you she took his clothes and money from the hospital and then went to his job and collected his last check? i doubt it1

      you “smile” piss me off!

      1. Why if she’s so innocent did she change the tires of her car right after running over her boyfriend? Have you ever ask the police that ? And come on a person that has two restraining orders on her she doesn’t sound like a very nice person.

    1. just think, under all the fake smiles and make up is a sad disturbed little girl. i really feel sorry for her, and the kids who have to deal with the psycho

  14. Lexi Lugo as you call your self on Facebook I know your a evil girl who thinks they got away with what you did but sorry you didn’t god know what you did and your going to hell!!!!!!!

  15. I pray for the Gomez family every day I’m so sorry this evil girl did this to you she has been bad news since day one !!! I will keep praying justice is served and they lock her up and throw away the key !


  17. Wow what a story I hope that something did happen to her for what happen poor guy I hope everyone is a able to move on I’m sorry this happen

  18. This girl gose to the church I go to with her two children she made him look like a a hole and his girlfriend at the the time like a b**** but said that he was the bab apple but all she does is lies after lie to cover up the other lie I don’t beilve any thing she say’s and her dad poor guy just looks for excuse to cover her lies if people only knew how she really is poor kid to grow up with a mother like that and the poor girl that was dating him talk so much bs on her and come to find out that she had just met him

  19. How sick is Lexi Lugo that post pictures of her little girl first Communion with a big smile on her face but yet she run over and over her daughter Father I don’t get it she is really sick and her whole family in denial how sick

  20. I work with him at Denny’s and was a really great guy always happy and with a big smile I sill remember the day he met Rachel he came in with the biggest smile on his face and told all of us how he had walker home and to his family I’m so sorry this happen and to that so called wife of his Alejandra God will make sure justice is served!!!

  21. How sad that you Lexi Lugo sister is in denial for what your sister did that’s why she has to post all these quotes about God and all these bible verse on Facebook to make her conscious Forget what she did you Diana say innocent huh well keep saying to your self when you know what she did was kill Anthony!!!!!

        1. Wow really that is so sad to hear.. I dated him on an off for a few years. He was so young an such a wonderful Man.. That smile.. Of his.. Will always be one of a kind.. Thank you for the update .. I believe in KARMA…

  22. Sad sad sorry I work with her at the greyhound in Santa Ana always lied about him and made look like she was the victim but he was happy with out her I hope her new boyfriend Martin knows the real sorry about what happened that day because she made him look like a bumb and and a bad father !!!! To his family I’m so sorry this happened and to his girlfriend Rachel be happy with your self honey because you made him happy and to believe in love again!!!!

  23. Sad sad sorry Lexi always made him look like bumb but he was happy with out her I hope her new boyfriend Martin knows the real story about what happened that day to his family I’m sorry this happened and to his girlfriend honey be happy because you made him and to believe in love again!!! And don’t worry what goes around comes around

    1. Not dating her no more she’s a real sweet lady loves her kids don’t know the story and I’m sorry for the loss of Anthony but stopped dating her for other reasons that I didn’t liked of her and won’t ever get back with her but she loves her kids she’s a great mom but life is life and only good knows what to do. Sorry for the family who loss a son, brother, cousin, and friend

      1. She not a good mother and a sweet lady please just be happy your not with any more because of the way she is and the way she acts come her own sister called Anthony and told him to do a DNA test on Audrey because she was sleeping around with a guy from Logan street she always told Anthony his friends and family always hit on her please I would not get with her if she was the last female on this earth simply because of the way that is and you know what I’m talking about because I’m pretty sure she’ll did it to you too

      2. Man are you wrong this girl is bad news and a whore good mother yeah right her Brother and mother have pick up the slack for her with Jay and Audrey she use to leave them with her mom all the time when they were younger while she was out partying and smoking weed

  24. So what’s her real name is it Lexi Lugo or Paulina Gomez or Ale Gomez Or Paulina Lugo because if he was my son or family member I would tag her and everything so that she doesn’t get away with this in the public eye oh man those poor poor children’s that have to live with her and her family to know that she hit her children father with the car i hope she sill not driving that same car

  25. Alex paulina ale and now lexi lugo you told sso many people so many different stories and that you were so sad for him passing away but all you is lie about everthing and you always try to make very one feel bad about what happen but now i know the truth and i know that eventually people will find this site and know the truth

  26. Lexi lugo works with me but she tolds a different story about what happen he said that Anthony was on drugs and was asking for money to bury him and that his family did not want to help her with anything or the children i can’t believe her what a lair now i know why she came in and said that the family was saying a bunch of lies about her and that she did not want anything to do with his family and that Anthony was begging her to get back with him back I’ve read the comments and he had a girlfriend and was trying to get a divorce from her it just makes you want to think what else has she lied about and how many people she took advantage of i hope everyone who knows her disowns her for lying like she said once I’m the black sheep of my family I can see why!!!

  27. WOW really sad that she has to lie to people and herself and to Jay and Audrey and every one else to feel good about herself we know that you’re psycho and stupid and dumb and a drug addict as well not to mention of Psychopathic lair as well but we all know the truth and you just keep living in your own little world !!! Alejandra , ale, Alex, Lexi, paulina Lugo

  28. Everyone has to live with are mistakes in life but that fact that she (alex Lexi lugo ,paulina lugo gomez, Alejandra lugo gomez or ale gomez) and change her name some many times and create different Facebook pages just speaks and Loud volumes what type of person she is and she might have not gone to jail for what she did or anything like that but she has to live with her mistakes that she killed her children’s father and I can imagine what those kids grow up and have children of their own to have to explain to her grandchildren that the grabdpa is not around because of what she did she’s never going to be happy in her life and be happy with her life you can post whatever you want on Facebook but it’s not reality because in reality she’s probably dying inside of guilt and maybe that’s why she can’t sleep at nights it’s her conscience eating her up

  29. Its funny how you have to post that you been to hell to be the woman that you are today so your proud that u run over your children dad not once not twice but three times and that all your so called friend’s like your post i wonder if they know what tou did in the past like cheat on anthony with his own uncle and lie after lie about tour age and having not one but two birthdays and not knowing who was Audrey’s dad or about you not take care of your children and having them not your mom house and you sleeping around and all dope up yeah your a real women and proud of who you are because according to you you’re proud of who you are as a woman because you’ve been through hell but yet you’re the one who created that hell bring all your own stuff because you’re selfish and because you’re conceited and because you don’t think of anybody else but yourself wow lexi lugo great for u or should i say ale gomez or paulina lugo gomez or Alejandra gomez

  30. Wow well said have you guys notice how she remove santa ana as the city that she lives and how her hometown is Orange and also remove her to relationship status from widow to nothing i guess she thinks that people can put two and two together she has on her Facebook page move here from Riverside that’s it ha ha ha you’re so pathetic living on your own little lie

  31. What a sad story man have to speak up and know that there’s also violence against them not only women maybe if he would have said something or call the cops on her he wouldn’t have been dead and she would have been in prison for the rest of her life that’s what she deserves to be in prison for the rest of her life because she took an innocent life away or farther away from for his children a brother away from sisters and a son away from parents

  32. Oh wow did she go to jail or did she lose custody of the children at least does anybody know what a story I guess now she has a different Facebook under Lexi Lu

  33. Let just pray that Audrey speaks up about what happen to dad when she gets older and gets justice for her dad or maybe now that Trump is president maybe should get the dream act taken away from her and I guess now we can call her Lexi Lu I guess not she’s trying to be Asian

  34. She not a good mother or a daughter or a sister she not a good human being she crazy disgusting and evil not to mention a liar and all she cared about is to smoke weed lexi lu that funny how she trying to be some one else now

  35. You have to be in denial if you believe anything Lexi lu says she lies about her age about her kids and about her family I mean come on even her own daughter calls her a liar do you really think that someone that is supposed to grieving would behave they way she did please just be aware of her she sick and crazy

  36. Just don’t believe anything this evil person says she crazy sick and psycho she lies about everything her name her birthday and age and when I mean everything I mean everything just by the way she acts and behaves

    1. What goes around comes around .She will get what’s coming to her if not while living she will get it in death. Lexi Lugo ,Paulina Gonzales, Lexi My, Ale whatever you call yourself you ugly disgusting person.

        1. Witch is very sad because she keeps doing harm to innocent good people.That’s why I’m outraged . Just remember your better then this trash .

          1. I know specially her own children and ants family he was so so happy with his new life and his girlfriend was pregnant pregnant at the time I never seen him this happy and then this whore evil evil person came and took everything away because she full of hate and very vindictive person

    1. I’m outraged this thing is still aloud to walk the streets . The way she distorted my family I know for a fact she perpusly ran over this man , father , son , brother , friend . My pain is nothing compared to yours because I didn’t lose nobody. I wish I would have known about this blog before she got into my family.

      1. Ok so you know her now she bad news please show this blog to the person who brought her to your family so they know and everyone that knows her because she lies and not a good person and be careful with her and her mom.

      2. And if you know anything about this case please tell the police because murder or homicide has no statue of limitation please and thank you

      3. I’m so sorry this is happening to you just stay away from her she not a good person wish you and your family the best outcome

  37. Really sad and I can’t believe she sill out there harming other people please be careful and aware of Lexi lugo , Lexi lu ,ale gomez, Paulina gomez , Alex Lugo , Alejandra lugo gomez she is the same person just changes her name and date of brith she will always be sick and lair and a Cheater just plain an evil person and a horrible mother

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