Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Alfonso Alvarez, the V.P. of the SAUSD School Board, had a chance at last night’s SAUSD Trustee meeting to resign from the School Board in the wake of his arrest last week for a DUI car accident. He did not – and his fellow Trustees failed to hold him accountable.

Instead Alvarez made this statement, “on July 29, I was cited for misdemeanor for driving under the influence. I take full responsibility. My decision was irresponsible and there is no excuse for my actions to my constituents, family, friends supporters in SA USD family. I am deeply sorry. I will learn from this and will continue to do my best to serve our community. Thank you”

Alvarez is a registered Democrat and a local union leader. He is on the very far left of the political spectrum. For the most part his fellow progressives have defended him although some moderate Democrats have excoriated him for his dangerous behavior.

Alvarez chose to drive drunk and endanger the public. This happened after he embarked on a tour of the Elk Lodges in the Inland Empire. Apparently the bus they rode was a “wet bus” and drinks were offered to the bus riders while they drove to each Elks Lodge. The SAUSD, for whatever reason, pays for Alvarez’ Elks Lodge membership. As such the SAUSD is going to be on the hook if Alvarez gets sued by the driver he crashed into.

If the SAUSD Trustees are not going to hold Alvarez accountable they should at the very least cancel his Elks Lodge membership. If he is being paid a car allowance by the SAUSD it should be canceled as well and he should have to take OCTA buses to the School Board meetings, ride a bicycle or pay himself for an Uber or taxi ride. He cannot be allowed to drive any more on SAUSD business.

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3 thoughts on “DUI suspect Alfonso Alvarez did not resign from the SAUSD School Board during last night’s Trustee meeting”
  1. I agree with the editorial. The SAUSD should not pay for his Elks membership and should remove his car allowance. Mr. Alvarez needs to enroll in a Alcohol rehab program and needs to resign. He does not deserve to be a representative of our school district and is a negative influence to our students.

    1. I’ll agree that Dr. Alvarez can pay his own membership dues, but I don’t think he needs to resign. My leanings are to the right, but i respect and admire Dr. Alvarez’s commitment and dedication to our beloved Santa Ana and the youth of our city.

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