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First District Special Election Recount Ends

No change in original certification as recount officially ends

February 13, 2015 – SANTA ANA – Former Senator Lou Correa has ended the recount in the Board of Supervisors’ First District Special Election contest. The recount began Monday, February 9, 2015. Mr. Correa made the original request following the certification of the election.

During the recount nearly 6,250 vote-by-mail ballots were recounted and election materials were reviewed. There were no changes to the vote totals – pursuant to California Elections Code § 15632 the original certification of the ballots cast remains as the official certification. The ballots cast and vote totals for the First District can be found in the “Results” section at

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4 thoughts on “Do’s victory affirmed as Correa ends the First District election recount”
  1. Thats a shsme. Well, it is time for Lou to start selling homes again. Perhaps he can team up with Councilman Benavides and start selling homes in Stanton.

  2. It’s not like this was Lou’s money anyway. He has always been irresponsible with his donations, Ripped off by the old bag, Durkee, Paying Alex Flores to lose the campaign for him spending money on dinners and useless events. What was a couple of grand to shake the trees.

    The era of useless ill intended Santa Ana Democrats has been defined by Lou and Jose.

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