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O.C. Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby, age 46, has passed away after developing COVID-19. Ernby was a Huntington Beach resident and a past Republican candidate for the State Assembly. She was also very active as a volunteer in the OC GOP. She spoke out often on Twitter against government mandates requiring people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

OCDA Todd Spitzer responded to her passing on Facebook:

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is utterly heartbroken by the sudden and unexpected passing of Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby.

Kelly was an incredibly vibrant and passionate attorney who cared deeply about the work that we do as prosecutors – and deeply about the community we all fight so hard to protect.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and she invested every ounce of her enthusiasm into her work safeguarding Orange County as part of our Environmental Protection team.

Kelly joined the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in 2011, specializing in environmental and consumer law. She previously worked for Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher where she practiced from 2002 to 2011.

She authored or co-authored several publications, including the “Environmental Prosecution Manual: Public Nuisance Enforcement Chapter” for the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) in 2017. District Attorneys from across California honored Kelly for her prosecutorial contributions in environmental law, presenting her with an award for “Significant Contributions to Environmental Enforcement” in 2019.

The work of a prosecutor is not one that you can simply turn off at the end of the day. It is that passion and unwavering dedication to protecting our communities and fighting for victims that binds us together in the pursuit of justice.

It was an absolute privilege to fight the good fight alongside Kelly. Her passion and her shining light will be forever missed.

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39 thoughts on “Deputy OCDA who opposed vaccine mandates dies of COVID-19 at age 46”
        1. religious beliefs That is the worst excuse as far as not getting vaccinated. Show me in any religion where it’s against that religion to do this. sHaM

    1. No. Probably needed early treatment and didn’t get it soon enough. “Vaccines” kill more than covid.

      1. And you get your information from what, some crazed reactionary fool on Farcebook? You disinformants all have blood on your hands. May you all suffer as much as you have brought onto others. Karma is real and it has big, very sharp teeth.

      2. Ignorant comment, gtf outta here with religious beliefs and freedom moronic reasons… you are the reason this virus keeps going on and on and on… your negligence to every other person is selfish as well as stupid.. thanks for your idiotic reasoning..

        1. I wish I could transport all these treasonous, Capital riot-loving, anti-vaccine, conspiracy-theorist, cry-baby kooks back in time to the 1940s or something so they could get their asses handed to them in an era where that shit would NOT be tolerated. A no-nonsense government boot to their thick skulls might kick some Goddamn sense into these whiny little bitches.

          1. Look in the mirror and see who’s whining. So aggressive so violent. Maybe the vaccine’s gone to your head.

  1. Poor thing. Not worth your life!! 46 is too young to die! I hope her husband gets vaccinated.

  2. Well deserved, not sorry. I’m so happy another selfish idiot unvaccinated died. Her family should pay with money and jail time for all disaster she spread to others because of her virus. Unvaccinated deserve no empathy. They should be refused entrance in a hospital and left to die by the street sewer. I hope this imbecile suffered lots and lots and had a great time grasping for a sliver of air. Go below hell Kelly, as hell is way too good for you.

  3. Covid injections are not vaccines. There is nothing in any of these shots that is designed to protect against a viral infection. The authorities say it. The patents describe it. After we learn that these covid jabs are not vaccines, we know that everything about this scenario is a complete and utter lie.

  4. My thoughts and prayers go with the family may she rest in peace. We need more love in this world not hate. and yesI’m vaccinated.

  5. Wow.. crazy all the hatred I’m reading. Where’s the human compassion for one another. Every life is precious. You all that are spewing this hatred should be ashamed of yourselves. May she Rest In Peace and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and anyone who has lost a loved one.

    1. Amen, God will remember all the things you say, it does not matter if you believe in him or not, he’s as real as the sun! God bless her for her love of her fellow man!

  6. God rest her soul, she accomplished so much at such a young age!! She should be remembered for everything she did in her life , not for things she didn’t! What an amazing young lady!! I hope her family finds peace knowing she shared her life with them out of pure love, and how lucky they were to know such an outstanding young woman!! You are blessed to have had her to inspire you daily!! Let her spirit live on without any negative feelings!! She is beautiful may she rest peacefully!

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