Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

A possible cold case murder has come back to haunt a Santa Ana home’s owner after the SAPD received a tip on Thursday afternoon that a body might be buried in the backyard of that home, according to the O.C. Register.

The tip received by the SAPD alleged that a body has been buried for some 30 to 32 years behind a home located at the 600 block of South Center St., according to the SAPD.

Police are following up on a tip Thursday afternoon that a body could be buried in the backyard of a Santa Ana home.

When SAPD detectives spoke to the owner of the home he said that for the last 15 years he knew that he would eventually be talking to them.

The home’s owner told the police that workers in his backyard found two bones that were possibly human, along with a knife, about ten years ago. For whatever reason the workers decided to discard the knife and the bones and the home’s owner did not notify the police.

Today there is a cement slab over the area where the bones were allegedly found. A police cadaver dog reportedly detected human remains today where that slab is located, according to the SAPD.

At this point holes have been drilled into the slab and the cadaver dog is expected to be used again this afternoon.

SAPD detectives have cracked open missing person cases from 30 years ago to see if they can make a connection to the alleged body that may be under the slab.

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One thought on “Could a dead body be buried in the backyard of a Santa Ana home on S. Center St.?”
  1. So they have the resources to re-open 30 year old cold cases based on a “tip”?

    How about using those resources to try and stop all the unrestrained gun play in the streets? Just a thought…

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