Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Over the weekend, Costa Mesa Police Department officers responded to a resident wanting to report a suspicious female attempting to steal a bicycle, according to their Facebook page.

During the contact, the reporting family told us that their vehicle was broken into.

Some of the items included mom’s clothing and daughter’s school backpack and school Chromebook.

Officers were able to locate the suspect, who was still in possession of the stolen items. The suspect was arrested for possession of stolen property and drug related charges.

The backpack had to be thrown away because there was drug paraphernalia inside of it.

The police officers pitched in to buy her a new backpack and filled it with some goodies including the official Costa Mesa Police Department teddy bear.

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One thought on “Costa Mesa police officers bought a new backpack for a young crime victim”
  1. And why is this news? It’s a “feel good” story that seems like it might be copaganda meant to offer anecdotal evidence against the Defund the Police movement… which most people already don’t understand.

    To anyone reading this, all “Defund the Police” means is that we should give less money to the police so that we can fund other organizations to deal specifically with things that the Police currently deal with. This includes an organization that is trained to deal with the mentally ill (so we don’t get cops shooting, tazing, or otherwise brutalized mentally ill people which has happened a lot. Instead we get people trained in de-escalation tactics for mentally ill people responding). Defund the Police sounds scary when you listen to conservatives… but it actually just means creating more specialized units so we don’t assign cops with guns to deal with every problem we have. No one can possibly be trained to deal with every single possible situation… therefore cops should be dispatched for violent crimes… and other organizations for non-violent crimes or other issues. That’s literally it!

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