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City of Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County

Community Alert: Additional Garage Sale Weekend – December 8 & 9

SANTA ANA, CA (December 4, 2012) – Though the rain last weekend was mostly welcome it may have put a damper on those residents who had planned to have a garage sale. Because of the rain the City has designated this coming weekend, December 8 & 9, as an additional garage sale weekend.

All the other standard rules will apply. Hours for garage sales may be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Garage sale activity may not be conducted on public sidewalks, parkways, streets or alleys. Items sold at garage sales must be goods, wares or merchandize of a household nature, from that household, and not acquired elsewhere for resale. Signs advertising garage sales must be removed within 1 day after the end of the sale.


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5 thoughts on “City of Santa Ana to allow an extra garage sale weekend, Dec. 8-9”
  1. Hey Art,
    I understand Councilman Bustamante held a garage sale at his home this last weekend. I saw him at the Council meeting last night as well. Did those charges against him at the County prove to be false? The rest of the Council should speak up against the D.A. for saying bad things about him. It’s too bad when women think they can make stuff up about a man and ruin his reputation, don’t you think?

    1. I believe his trial is starting soon. There is as I understand it a lot of evidence against him but he hired a very good defense lawyer.

      He has a long history of making ill-advised comments. In fact his water bra comment came to mind when Sheriff Hutchens announced she is fighting breast cancer. Bustmante allgedly said that Paul Walters would have been selected as the new Sheriff if he had worn a waterbra.

  2. Well, We had one too. But I had to apologize to Emily and beg her to move back in.

    Without the Mayor’s job, We can’t really support fam, so we need her help as a teacher.

    We am hoping she can arrange anonther low cost loan IGER Roman and I are.

    Oh yeah, we have signs for sale that the police union bought for me on sale! Too bad I am termned out.


  3. You can say whatever rude things that you wish. Just don’t lock your female coworkers inside or your male coworkers inside and molest them. unless you are absolutely positive that they will always love you for it.

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