Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
Twin devils of deception

Everyone in Santa Ana is talking about the arrest of Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, on multiple felony counts of various sex crimes, but most folks have forgotten that former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once appointed Bustamante to the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission, back in January of 2008.

When I found out about the appointment I could not believe it.  Even then we knew Bustamante had some issues with women, but when I first wrote about the appointment, over at my old Orange Juice blog, I tackled the issue from a different standpoint – pointing out the fact that Santa Ana was a leader in home foreclosures – and Bustamante had done nothing at all about that.

The Fair Employment and Housing Commission is a quasi-judicial administrative agency which enforces California civil rights laws regarding discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations; pregnancy disability leave; family and medical leave; and hate violence, according to their website.

Imagine that.  Bustamante almost got appointed to over see the enforcement of California’s civil rights laws!  And the FEHC also oversees state sexual harassment training and education regulations.  That’s right.  Schwarzenegger almost got away with appointing an alleged sexual predator to the State Commission that is supposed to STOP sexual harassment.

But it didn’t happen because I went on the attack.  I wrote a second post, asking my readers to call the state legislators who were in charge of approving Bustamante’s appointment to the FEHC Board.  Then I wrote another post and included the emails of each of these legislators.  I also emailed each and every one of the legislators.  State Senator Lou Correa jumped on this and was instrumental in stopping Bustamante.

Then I found out that Bustamante’s appointment was actually a scheme by Schwarzenegger to get rid of the FEHC altogether, and I posted about that as well.

Then Bustamante made his sexist “waterbra” comments after Sandra Hutchens was appointed Sheriff of Orange County, replacing another pervert, Mike Carona.  I wrote another post and brought up Bustamante’s sexist remarks.  Again I asked my readers to contact their legislators and to call Schwarzenegger as well.

The battle finally ended in July of 2008, when Bustamante resigned from the FEHC Board and another State Board as well – the California Council on Criminal Justice.  Imagine the damage Bustamante would have done on these State Boards!  I was quoted in the L.A. Times after this happened:

“When he’s making these kind of remarks, how in the world could they put Mr. Bustamante into a body where he’s handling these kind of complaints?” said Art Pedroza, the founder and editor of the political blog Orange Juice. “Part of their work involves civil rights and complaints about this kind of behavior.”

I wrote a post about Bustamante’s resignation and called on the Democratic Party of Orange County to find someone to run against him.  And we know the rest of the story.  The DPOC gave Bustamante a free pass.  I ended up running against him and was stabbed in the back by my then supposed friend, Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  I asked her to stay out of the race and she ended up endorsing Bustamante.  It was a craven move that has now backfired on her.

I wrote this post tonight just to remind my readers that I have been battling Bustamante for a very long time – and he has been a pig for as long as I can remember.  We could have stopped him awhile ago, but he kept getting endorsements and kept getting money.

What about the Democrats?  Well they deserve a lot of the blame, as I have previously written.  They gave Bustamante a free pass and then they attacked me – Red County editor Matt Cunningham joined with Liberal OC editor Dan Chmielewski as they sent out a mailer attacking my Council campaign, along with OCEA boss Nick Berardino, Bustamante’s Republican allies – powerbroker Mike Schroeder, Van Tran’s cronies, and Ware Disposal.

Chmielewski wasn’t done attacking me by the way.  One of my supposed friends, Ryan Trabuco, ended up getting a job with Supervisor Nguyen.  Trabuco had set up a website for me when I ran for the City Council, against Bustamante.  I had helped Trabuco when he ran for the Assembly, against Jose Solorio, and he was returning the favor.  But after Nguyen endorsed Bustamante I went after her – and Trabuco ended up allying with her friends in the Democratic Party – Chmielewski and his fellow Liberal OC editor Chris Prevatt.  Trabuco sold my url to Chmielewski and when I retaliated by buying a few URLs with his name and the names of his accomplices, he retained a lawyer who was known for working with Muslim extremists and he sued me.  He almost ruined my life in the process.

That is all past me now but to this day I am amazed that these Democrats and Republicans tried so hard to destroy me, instead of going after the alleged predator Bustamante.  It is maddening to try to figure out what goes through these peoples’ heads.  Chmielewski even called Bustamante a good family man.

Vern has struck only sour notes since he took over the Orange Juice blog

I ended up getting rid of my old Orange Juice blog – spinning it off to another liberal Democrat, Vern Nelson, who I thought was my friend.  But he turned out to be a partisan turncoat too.  Today the Orange Juice blog is an unreadable mess.  But my old posts about Bustamante live on, mute testimony to my long battle with a man who finally has paid a bitter price for his misdeeds.

I started a new Orange County political blog this January 1.  I call it the OC Politics blog.  And now, with Bustamante’s arrest, karma has come full circle as his demise is feeding both of my blogs with hundreds of new readers.  I am still here, still fighting the partisan creeps in Orange County, red and blue.  One hopes they will learn from all this, but my experience tells me otherwise.

How can we stop the future Bustamantes of Orange County?  Simple.  Next time you go to vote think twice about who you are voting for.  Don’t believe the lies spread by the red and blue partisan hacks.  Click here to see for yourself all the Democrats and Republicans who endorsed Bustamante in 2008.  Remember their duplicity!  One of them, SAUSD Trustee Rob Richardson, is running for reelection this November.  Please don’t vote for him.  Make these people pay by withholding your support.  That is the only way we will be rid of these useless and dangerous politicians.

By Editor

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5 thoughts on “Bustamante almost ended up on the state civil rights commission…”
  1. It must creep you out to know that Chmilewinski is still obsessed with you. He spins all the posts to address you. He is just downright wierd. Perhaps too many comic books.

    As for Trabuco, theres a nother minor league punk who runs away after starting a fire.

    By the way, what happened to old Joe Hill, as soon as Coker gets wind of his “Jubalesqe” move Chris shuts it down. What a joke.

  2. It appears the Bustamante scandal is only the beginning. TRack’s out for some blood, if for no other reason to overcome the long-time criticism of him that he never goes after politicians, and especially Republicans.

    Over in the salacious, facts-challenged Comments section at the 4xDUI Felon’s OJ Blog, Rob Richardson’s name pops up more than once. Seems he’s got a thing for Asian girls, and like Tom Mauk, is neck deep in the coverup of Busty.

    Remember also that this all goes back at least ten years, so while TRack might be a bit handicapped by the Statute of Limitations, that doesn’t mean that all the discovery is invalid. When these women see from all this publicity that they’re likely not going to get hurt, plenty more will emerge (and don’t forget that Susan Schroeder’s (TRack’s #2) got the right chromosomes as well. Issues like this cause all the roaches to run from the light.

    Busty’s only the beginning.

    1. Don’t forget – Rackauckas and Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez are friends and coworkers. When Bustamante went after her he sealed his fate…

  3. And wait ’til John and Ken get hold of this. They’re back on Thursday (and good buds with TRack).

  4. “while TRack might be a bit handicapped by the Statute of Limitations”……. Hmmmmmmm

    The fact is that “TRack might be a bit handicapped” by his own sex scandals.

    It has been posted in OJB and elsewhere that TRack had some hanky panky with Claudia Alvarez and others.

    Traditionally a secretary was expected to take care of her boss and he was expected to take care of her until the left-liberal-progressive-ugly-obese-lesbian-bitches, aka feminazis, wedged themselves in the secretarial equal opportunity jobs declaring their vaginas a taboo.

    Same in the airlines, it use to be a pleasure to fly with beautiful and sexy stewardess until they were replaced by the neurotic homosexuals who make flying a hell.

    Secretaries, stewardess and maids are special jobs where it is expected to have sex with boss. See President Clinton, Governor Schwarzenegger and many other community pillars.

    However, in oppose to the Europe, Americans are sexually undeveloped due to disallowing a mature women to teach 15 year old guy how to handle a women and sexual relationship, therefore, we have extremely high population of sex deviants like Busty.

    I think, I will ask city council to retain me to teach City Supervisors about how to properly seduce their subordinates to avoid these sex scandals.

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