Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

A new George Floyd protest announcement is circulating on social media, regarding a gathering set for June 6, Saturday, at Bristol and W. 17th, near Santa Ana College, at 8 p.m.

The announcement states:

  • Protect our own people
  • Mask up with all black
  • No looting of family owned businesses nearby
  • Let our voices be heard – bring posters, megaphones, etc.

Unfortunately this protest announcement appears to be encouraging looting of corporate businesses.

The really bad news is don’t expect any more curfews in Santa Ana. Reportedly our police department does not have enough police officers to fully staff a curfew. And our city is beyond broke so we cannot afford any police overtime pay.

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17 thoughts on “Another George Floyd protest set for June 6 in Santa Ana”
  1. “ protect our own people “. This isn’t even about our people. Blacks where chanting build that wall blAcks where mocking the little kids in cages. That’s who you wanna protest for ??

    1. Anonymous, do you have a citation for that? Because I do not believe it. Sounds like something from 4chan or Breitbart.

    2. I’m Black and I’ve never chanted build the wall or mocked children in cages, nor do I know anyone who has. Maybe it’s the type of people you hang around with, those who think like you. No one never said Blacks are innocent, what we are saying is when we get stopped by police, we should be able to go home just like White people. You say protect our own people, what does that mean exactly? There is only one race and that is the human race, we are just different shades. You sound very immature.

  2. SA is mostly Hispanic . Where were they when a black man run over 3 little girls killing them on a Halloween night and didn’t even stop there was no protesting for them and now you want to help them the black protesters

    1. So, what you’re saying is that Hispanics should hate all Blacks, because of what ONE Black man did on a Halloween night? are you really that ignorant or just generally racist? do you feel the same way about white people or are you comfortable perpetuating the Hispanics vs. Blacks stereotype? guess what? white America sees ALL minorities as second class citizens. Wake up.

      1. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You are the racist one if you think that white people see ALL “minorities” as second class citizens. By the way, have you ever thought about this: why would a racist white person live in SA when 85% of the people are Hispanic, and there are a fair number of Asian and black people who make up the other 15%, in addition to the few white people? Wouldn’t racist people NOT live in SA? I have many neighbors who are black, Hispanic, and Asian. We all get along just beautifully. Maybe instead of assuming something, you should check it out.

      2. That is a very racist and closed minded comment to say that ALL White America views minorities as second class citizens. These are the kinds of remarks that further divide all of us. Please don’t do that.

  3. Blacks don’t like us, did they protest with us for immigration rights ? Did they protest when they assaulted and robbed the corn guys, the taco guy, the hot dog vendor? Our city is full of crack heads in every corner, homeless, trash, smoke shops, liquors in every corner, gang violence and we don’t go and protest , yet they kill a black man in Minnesota and we go out and trash out city and our small family Owned businesses.

  4. I understand the protest and wanting Justice for them punk ass cops but WHY and i mean WHY go and trash our city WHY destroy stores you your moms and dads shop in makes no sense let me ask a question to all you low lifes that think its ok or cool to loot our community stores during this protest how would you feel if your moms or dads owned stores here in SAand they got looted taking away money out of there pockets and food from your table i guarantee you would be beyond mad think long and hard about it. Protest all you want but do it peacefully

    1. Absolutely right. Protest, yes. Violence, vandalism, arson – no! Those who trash businesses, neighborhoods are not welcome ANYWHERE! Protest peacefully and DO NOT allow criminals and criminal behavior to define this movement. To do that, you bring disgrace to Floyd and his family. Yes, disgrace.

  5. This is from crazy. Enough of this shit now. Just let’s get back to working and living and not ruin our own lives and city.
    At the end it’s the city of Santa Ana and it’s people who will loose and laughed at.
    We are wasting valuable time here that should be spent on recovering from COVID19.
    Please please do not distroy our city and damage the businesses that bring us the jobs and tax money.
    Please we beg you. Enough is enough now. Let us please make a living without having to leave this city once and for all.
    -Small business owner in Santa Ana-

  6. Dropping facts is now racist. Haha. To everyone saying there’s only one race obviously there isn’t. Go protest for that guy while in your local community the same or even worse is happening and you turn the other cheek. If this was a Mexican everyone in this comment section would be saying different specially Mexicans. I can assure that and also the fact that there would be no protest for any Mexican that gets killed by cops. Prove me wrong.

  7. George Floyd was a convicted armed home invasion robber who held a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach and threatened to kill her unborn child. ………… carry on

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