Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Jose Guzman, of Santa Ana, was lucky to escape with his life when a hit and run driver sheared off the rear wheels of his wheelchair.

Buying a new electric wheelchair would have set Guzman back several thousand dollars. However a local business, the Diversified Wholesale Group, stepped up and gave Guzman a new chair to replace the one that was destroyed.

Guzman had to get around on crutches until he was gifted the new motorized wheelchair. The new motorized wheelchair will get him to and from the grocery store and get to doctor’s appointments now, according to the SAPD. The SAPD told the folks at Diversified Wholesale Group about Guzman’s dilemma.

The Diversified Wholesale Group sells discounted goods to swap meet vendors, wholesaler’s, home renovator’s and contractors. They are based at 1947 S Main St., in Santa Ana. They have a ton of small appliances, vacuums, tools and random stuff according to a Yelp review.

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