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Join us for a Hot Sizzling Zumba Summer Night, this Friday, August 19, 2011, from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM, at the Manhattan Plaza in the Santa Ana Artist Village (downtown Santa Ana), located at 200 North Main Street, in downtown Santa Ana.  Only $15.00/person for 90 minutes of exhilarating, calorie burning dance fitness party!

Please support our on-going efforts to help a local organization called The Green Being Project. This organization works on local projects such as community gardens and health/wellness workshops for the body and the planet!!! Help us in our efforts to be as Green and Lean 😀 

A portion of the contributions to The Green Being Project will help fund more health workshops/community gardens & eco-projects.

There will be an elixir juice bar with the most healthful juices ~ Organic Vegetables and Fruits. There will be a live DJ and Drummer to enhance the experience. Plus a raffle and door prizes!  Don’t miss it!!!

Pre-purchase your ticket for $15…check out what your contributions go to @ (a Green Being Project).

For more information contact Ria Vigil 949/293-8480 or Irma Castañeda 714/313-7698

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4 thoughts on “Zumba Summer Night in downtown Santa Ana this Friday night, 8/19”
  1. Admin, can you please draw us a map? Manhattan plaza? Boy’s Town? my head is spinning. please include shoots and ladders. Why don’t you take control of the city planning? conduct your survey, have your fans decide what names are retarded and which names make sense?

  2. We located the Lower East Side today across the street from the Yost. Shocked to find more Mexicans than Jews. Did you know that at Festival Hall they have those girls that come around and sit on your lap? Do they do more than that? I did not stay long enough to find out.

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