Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Career politician Tom Daly mailed a ridiculous seven page homage to himself to voters in the 69th Assembly District yesterday.  The mailer is a celebration of everything Daly and even goes back to his days in Little League baseball. If you are to believe Daly, the people of Anaheim owe their lives to him!

Will this printed debauchery impress the voters?  How many voters will laugh at the expense Daly went to and toss the brochure right into the trash?

Daly spends all seven pages looking backward, as a friend of mine put it, but doesn’t tell us what he means to do when he gets to Sacramento.  

How much does political mail matter anymore?  More and more voters are tossing this junk right into the garbage.  The message Daly is sending is that he will waste money in Sacramento just like he is wasting money on his lame campaign!

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12 thoughts on “Will 69th A.D. candidate Tom Daly’s 7 page homage to himself backfire?”
  1. Half a million dollars.

    Why are the power brokers in Sacramento so afraid of a little known council woman from Santa Ana?

    Reminds me of the arm twisting, back room deals, and buckets of money spent to keep another Santa Ana council woman out of Sacramento years ago.

  2. I thought this flyer was ok but what really impressed me was the one 18 by 14 inch brouchure which says he worked his way through Harvard University as a janitor. I did not know that. Maybe Justice for Janitors will back him. I’ll still vote for Michele but I thought that was interesting that he is a regular working class still like me.

  3. Well, I just got Michele’s 6 Pages brochure today.

    Sadly it is not any better except that Michele is my friend so I can tolerate it.

    They all make same mistake by focusing to much on the past and when they make promises to the future they will brake them as soon as they raise their right hand and say “I do, so help me god”.

    boring, boring, boring, yawn!

  4. I have just conducted Woodside Village HOA “East Garbage Poll”

    There are 200 mailboxes on each side of the complex, East and West respectively.

    Attached to these mailboxes are two garbage bins each.

    By examining East side bins I have found 4 Tom Daly’s and 3 Michele Martinez’s brochures.

    So it appears that Martinez is ahead of Tom Daly.

    This poll has a margin error +/- 5%

  5. “Seems a bit nuts to invest so heavily in mail”

    I agree with you Admin! I think they should use more newpaper advertising along with radio, T.V., the internet, and walking door to door.

  6. “I think they should use more newspaper advertising along with radio, T.V., the internet, and walking door to door.”……. Hmmmmmm

    It does not matter what they use if they do not have a product which the consumer wants it will not work.

    Unfortunately the politicians have no product to offer, only empty promises so the people do not seek to hear them on the radio, T.V. the internet, nor they will open their door to them.

    Once a while comes a politician who the people can’t get enough to listen to, like Hitler and Obama, who in the end will be disappointment anyway.

    So the politics do not work in democracy and return to a monarchy would be appropriate.

    That is why the incumbents always win because they are treated as royalties in the minds of public.

  7. I’m so confused. Hope you can help me out. I was going to vote for my old Chicano studies professor from Long Beach state, Jose Moreno. This guy who owns a tax shop in Anaheim invited me to hear him speak at a Los Amigos meeting and what I thought was pretty cool was that he never once mentioned his political run for State Assembly. Dude is so humble. The other guys down at the hall were also going to vote for him.

    Now this gabacho Daily sends out some political flyer today that I saw on the sidewalk outside the post office that says Moreno is a REPUBLICAN and that he has dropped out of the race. I checked my ballet that came in the mail today and it says his name. Either Daily is a liar or Moreno changed parties (can’t imagine that is true) but I wonder how many other people like me are confused????? Hope you can clear this up.
    thank you for all you do keepin it fresh on this site.

    1. There are two Jose Morenos. One is Jose F. Moreno, the Democratic school board member. The other is Jose “Joe” Moreno, a father and family man who also lives in Anaheim – but he is a Republican. The unions tried to force him out of the race for the 69th AD, using an obscure federal law called the Hatch Act, but Moreno was able to work around this and he remains in the race.

      I would never vote for Daly given his considerable past animus towards Latinos and the working poor. I have endorsed Michele Martinez and Jose “Joe” Moreno. Either one would be a vast improvement over the incumbent, Jose Solorio, and over the career political hack who is Daly.

  8. The photo with the family is a joke. Daly is too busy chasing Latina skirts in his office. His wife is the last thing on his mind. Go to Friends for Fullerton’s Future and you will see what i’m talking about. This guy is a scandal waiting to happen.

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