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It is hard to figure out Lupe Moreno, the notorious Minuteman from Santa Ana.  On the one hand she is full of hate for immigrants and gays.  On the other she is a self-styled born-again Christian – and she is the current President of the Santa Ana Friends of the Library.  In fact you will most likely see her this Friday and Saturday, at the Library’s first Book Sale of the New Year.

Now I am all about forgiving folks for their trespasses – but Moreno is not sorry for her behavior.  She relishes what she does.  She is proud of it.  In fact she was just appointed, a few weeks ago, to the OC GOP Central Committee – where she will ply her hate to much applause.

Just check out the video above.  Is that any way that the President of the Friends of the Library should be acting?  Really?  Throughout the video you can hear Moreno berating the folks visiting the Mexican Consultate’s office, here in Santa Ana.  How uncouth!

Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides worked side-by-side with Moreno last year when she took over the Santa Ana 4th of July event.  She brought in a truckload of Minutemen, from other cities, and sure enough one of them called one of our residents a “wetback.”

I spoke to Benavides about this when he visited the Orange Juice blog radio show – he said he had no problem working with Moreno.  After the show he said that she is a Christian and he feels he must work with everyone.  Well, I don’t know how you can work with someone who has so much disdain for so many of the residents of our city.

Benavides disagreed – and he honored Moreno and her cohorts, although the rest of the City Council wisely passed on that opportunity.

Should Moreno be allowed to serve as President of the Friends of the Library?  Yes, this is a private organization, but the City of Santa Ana hosts their web page.  I really think that she needs to go.  If you agree, please click here and let the Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency Director, Gerardo Mouet, know how you feel about this!

Here is a bonus video of Moreno behaving badly, yet again:

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21 thoughts on “Why is Minuteman Lupe Moreno still the President of the Friends of the Library?”
  1. She does not hate immigrants, she wants to stop the destruction of her community that she has obviously witness going down the drain…..

    On monday a young kid was raped of red hill/north Tustin by an illegal Alien Hispanic… Not long before that a young girl was assaulted in the same area most likely by a day labor illegal alien hispanic. In orange on Chapman a woman was stabbed by a deranged illegal Alien Hispanic. In Fullerton three women were assaulted by a heavy set illegal Alien hispanic….. She has watched her city go down the drain and now it is spreading….

    She is not against immigrants coming into this country is does not like criminals coming into this from mostly Mexico and there is a lot of rapists, drug dealers, gang members and overall scum of the scum!

    She is against what I am against: Third world unknowns who have and will rape American children!

  2. Raping American children? booo hooo hooo. I think you have the Glenn Beck Gene Michelle. All people in corrupt power or a state of Barbarism act like they are raping children and they have the power to pay the police or military and re-write history after they do it. I am like you. I like White people. I want them to share the planet. But “White people” need to stop believing their own hype. They are genetically prone to Paranoia! Just kidding. maybe not!

  3. So I get from anon and admin replies: people don’t know how to forgive child molesters and admin is if they are brown and repent, we need to forgive them????..

    I say that is the biggest load of Sh*&. I am not religious for one reason and one reason only, God does not make mistakes and a lot of religions are one big mistake!

  4. Quinn as Christians we believe in forgiveness for those that truly seek it. Obviously you are not a Christian.

  5. Guilt by association is not a cause of action.

    Except in rumor mills and water bottle gossip.

    To imply someone should not be in a association (Friends of SA library) because of their politics, effectively would bar most city commissioners and board members we currenly have in Santa Ana.

  6. Naui self refers to unnamed people using slurs against Mexicans you must think no one actually watches the videos.

  7. admin,

    Mark 11:25 “And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

    1. I have nothing against Lupe, I just deplore her hateful views.

      By the way, the Devil quoted the Bible too.

  8. As a christian, I will leave it up to God if he wants to forgive people for murder, rape, abuse ect…. I will let God judge man and I will stay away from the scum he is judging!

    I am christian enough not to hold grudges and human enough to not forgive animals with 2 legs! (no offense to the animals!)

  9. Quinn I don’t know what brand of Christianity you practice but it is unlike any I have ever heard of.

  10. As a packer fan, I think we should take care of our own community.

    What does religion have to do with any of this?

    “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”
    – Vince Lomabrdi

    That to some is gospel. HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT than quoting Mark or John.

  11. “Quinn I don’t know what brand of Christianity you practice but it is unlike any I have ever heard of.”

    MQ says:

    It’s the right kind of Christianity not the left kind:

    Example: St. Joseph Sister’s….They are nothing but a bunch of left wing nut cases!
    See the Catholic Church has jumped on the left wing ban wagon of “SOCIAL JUSTICE” the cause’s of justice are immigration reform, environmental control, healthcare…Sounds like the democrat party…No the catholic church is the new socialist party, headed by a bunch of baby boomer wood stock hippies!

    And from personal experience the Catholic church has a lot of really nasty people in its ranks!

  12. “This is giving a voice to those who have no voice, that is, the poor, the sick, the shut in, the unborn, the dying, the disadvantaged, the immigrants, those imprisoned, the homeless, racial minorities etc. We are called to speak out! Write a letter to the editor, join a march, call your elected officials and let them know how you feel. Very often legislation gets passed to the disadvantage of many, because the elected official simply didn’t know how people feel about the subject. This is because no one bothered to call!”

    This is from the Catholic Church new set of rules and actions one can take on behalf of the catholic churches teaching on social justice!

    This is NOT the church my father died for…. NOT ONCE in the bible did GOD make any group of human being more important than another. All this is, is left wing nonsense and my church has been hijacked by idiots!

  13. pedroza still cant bring himself to say ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS . TIES THEM TOGETHER . and as far as can you name any commishner or board member in town who is not a minuetman . CAN YOU NAME ME ONE WHO IS NOT A MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN SUPPORTER .

  14. Back on point

    Posted February 3, 2011 at 10:52 AM
    Can you name one other Commissioner or board member in town who is a Minuteman?

    I can name many who belong to other political organizations that also preach disunity and conflict with other of non-like minds.

    Those organizations are, the Democratic party and the Republican party.

    To pick on a minority is wrong? In Santa a member of “Minuteman” with its anti non resident alien slant, is a minority compared to the large population of Latinos.

    Race or ethnicity does not a minority make.

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