Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

I finally found some video of the protest at Meg Whitman’s Santa Ana office.  Kudos to the Dream Teamers for showing up and letting Whitman know what we think of her here in Santa Ana!

It is ironic that Whitman opened her Santa Ana office the same week that her latest scandal broke out – she fired a housekeeper taht worked for her for nine years and turned out to be undocumented.  Click here to read about that.

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4 thoughts on “Video of protest at Meg Whitman’s Santa Ana office”
  1. What happened to “live and let live” and “let’s-show-some-tolerance” philosophy of the lefties? Meg has a right to open an office where she pleases, just as Jerry Brown does. Do you think the conservatives would kick and scream if Jerry Brown opened an office in south county? I think not. We’re all grown-ups here and need to understand that there are many opposing opinions and views. That’s called life.

    1. booper,

      She has a right to do so but it is deeply insulting to Latinos. Her campaign chairman is Pete “187” Wilson. And now you have this ridiculous firing of her housekeeper. What a mess.

      Brown could up an office in south county, but why bother? That would be a waste of his campaign money.

      And don’t forget, there are other options. If you don’t like Brown, vote Libertarian.

  2. Why don’t people protest the Mayor’s office? He hasn’t done anything significant in the 15+ years in office except turn a blind eye to many problems facing Santa Ana including: crime, pollution, overcrowding, low education scores etc etc.

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