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Mark your calendar for Thursday August 12, 2010 at 7:30am.  Chief Paul Walters of the SAPD is conducting an an orientation meeting for the Santa Ana Police Foundation’s SA-BERT Training program

ALSO, this Saturday, May 22, 2010, The Foundation and SA-BERT will participate at the Villa Fundamental Education First Festival.  We NEED you!  If you have graduated from BERT and/or participated in pour program, please respond today.  We need help manning the booth at the Faire.

I will be glad to return details.  Please respond.

Thanks from us all!..

 Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr.,
Executive Director
1801 E ParkCourt Place, Ste E-103
Santa Ana, CA  92701
(714) 972-0200

 We are Local Leaders Conquering Community Concerns through Emergency Business Preparedness, Secure Neighborhood Development, and Youth Gang Prevention Programs.

 NOTE:  The Santa Ana Police Foundation is a Public Corporation which has no official affiliation with or influence upon the Santa Ana Police Department, the Chief of Police, or any officers or administrators affiliated thereto.

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2 thoughts on “Update from the Santa Ana Police Foundation”
  1. I’d like to know what Chief Walters is doing to address violent gang crime in Santa Ana. This is a bit more important than a Police Foundation dog and pony show? In fact, I’d like to know what the Chief is doing that even qualifies him to be a Chief in Santa Ana other than years on the job. There’s certainly no leadership. His time has come and gone.

    1. WishyWashy,

      The problem is that the city is broke and cannot hire more cops. And to make matters worse, the gangs are using underage kids to traffic drugs, as they cannot go to prison.

      Drugs make these people so much money that they are willing to kill to protect their turf.

      Ultimately we need to decriminalize drugs and tax them and thereby end the drug war. Until that day arrives, all of this will just get worse.

      The only idea I have in the interim is for the SAPD to use security guards to observe and report, and perhaps to deter. You can hire three or four of them for the cost of one cop.

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