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Santa Ana City Councilman Johnathan Ryan Hernandez is promoting an event on his Facebook page that apparently has not been permitted by the City of Santa Ana. The event appears to be in honor of Hernandez’ cousin, Brandon Lopez, an armed felon who was shot and killed in Santa Ana by Anaheim police officers after they tracked him down in a vehicle that was reported stolen by a girlfriend.

The event is set for Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 11am-7 pm. That is unfortunate as the event will take place after the scheduled 5K run in DTSA. There is also a scheduled Santa Ana College football game at 1 pm at the Santa Ana Stadium.

The event will take place at the intersection of Santa Ana Blvd and Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA

The event is being marketed as #justice4brandonlopez – “We are standing in power as Black + Brown commUNITY” and is being presented by Artivist Entertainment and Grand Performances with support from Funk Freaks Records and the Cheat Code.

The event will feature live performances by:

  • Aloe Blacc
  • Maya Jupiter
  • The Philharmonik
  • Jehmal Jones X Doughboy Tony
  • Miss Mari

Speakers include:

  • Nellie Turtleheart LeGaspe
  • Daniel Michael Lynem
  • Pastor Nati Alvarado
  • Theresa Smith (L.E.A.N)
  • TheBlackOC
  • Dr Mondo
  • Councilman Johnathan Hernandez
  • (and more)

Other activities include:

  • This event will mark the unveiling of the Brandon Lopez + George Floyd mural by Fernando the Artist
  • A grotto to be established on site,
  • Vegan, Taco, Mexican, Soul Food Vendors in the event precinct

It is amazing that an elected City Councilman, Johnathan Ryan Hernandez, is supporting and promoting an event that is not permitted by the City of Santa Ana. It should come as no surprise though given that Hernandez has also been dishonoring our flag at City Council meetings, sitting down and refusing to face the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance:

The SAPD will have the right to shut down the event. But will Mayor Vince Sarmiento actually enforce the law this Saturday?

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14 thoughts on “Unpermitted event in honor of Brandon Lopez set for Oct. 23 in Santa Ana”
    1. The Bible is also filled with examples of brutality and things that don’t happen now a days like stoning women. And law enforcement shouldn’t be so trigger happy and their license to kill should be questioned and challenged from time to time. And Like I said this event falls under THE 1ST AMMENDMENT so it is not unlawful

  1. If you are so concerned about the marathon and the game then write about that! And keep the patronizing tone to yourself. Oh what will the mayor do ? as your closing statement uhh hello!! Keep up!! the Mayor already made his statement and compared the incident to one of a firing squad.

    My point being let people grieve and FYI the event can be considered a peaceful protest which is covered by the first amendment jackass.

  2. I’m all for protesting! Not down for murals of criminals. Not something I want my children to look up to.

  3. Then I suggest you keep them away from Da Vinci, Cellini, Caravaggio given the source of inspiration on some pieces anyway. Art conceptual and a lot of great artists were criminals themselves. I’m not defending the guys criminal past. But let’s be real and stop using the man’s past to rationalize his death.

  4. Why are you celebrating a felon? Since when is a armed felon a hero? A poster said this event is covered by the 1st amendment, you want to be technical, but dont you understand that a felon is not supposed to have a gun? That’s against the law too. I understand grieving but to protest for justice? What justice are you calling for, the right for a felon to have a gun? And the cops to get in trouble for stopping a felon? Seems ass backwards. How about having a event to promote people to follow the law, not be a criminal and respect others. No you guys what to have en event that says “go out and be a criminal, its ok. The ones stopping you from committing crimes, are the problems…


    1. He was not armed. So stop saying this armed felon.. I’m not defending anyone but I am however not condoning the horrible way ANAHEIM SWAT team just murdered this UN ARMED HISPANIC FELON.

      1. He had a LONG history of armed robberies making him an armed felon. And we don’t know that he was not armed. We won’t know until the final investigation is concluded.

        1. Yeah whatever. I’m sure when the family gets compensated for his unlawful death you will somehow have something to say about that. The boys in. Blue made a bad call just face it and stop trying to rationalize it with 27 million excuses. Byeeeee

          1. You mean the same family that raised Brandon so well that he ended up committing many armed robberies, abusing drugs and endangering the public? That family?

  5. Los agentes del orden están facultados por la autoridad racional-legal para disparar un arma de servicio para matar a un ladrón armado en la fracción de segundo en que el ladrón armado apunta con un arma de fuego o exhibe un movimiento de provocación premeditado para aplicar fuerza letal real o percibida al oficial. El Pueblo y los Tribunales otorgan a los agentes del orden autoridad legítima para asesinar a un ladrón armado cuando la vida de un agente está en peligro o la seguridad pública está en peligro.

  6. It’s ashame that Johnathan Hernandez is on the Santa Ana City Council. His views are radical and many Citizens in our City don’t even know it. He doesn’t stand the Pledge of Allegiance of the USA. If I’m not mistaken, he was in favor of defunding Santa Ana Police. Then Councilman Johnathan Hernandez’s Cousin comes into the picture. Someone who is wanted for armed robberies, driving in a stolen car, recklessly evading law enforcement and endangering the public and is a known gang member. The Cousin then had a standoff with law enforcement for several hours at an intersection endangering more lives. The cousin was later pronounced dead after he ran out of his vehicle with his hands under his waist band. Council member Johnathan Hernandez then decides that it is a good idea to block off a major road in Santa Ana in both directions so that he can have a concert in memory of his cousin who was an outlaw committing crimes. All without a permit, if I’m correct. Johnathan Hernandez will tell you that all this happened under the guise that his cousin was mentally ill. Hmm?? The City of Santa Ana also uses bad judgment when they sent condolences using the “City of Santa Ana FB page”
    If they want to send condolences to their colleague Johnathan Hernandez, they should use their OWN personal Facebook page, not the official “City of Santa Ana FB page” Councilman Hernandez is immature for the position he holds. He should resign immediately and join a social justice group which will better serve his appetite. We need Council Members who will serve lá génte, and not some felon who is evading law enforcement. Councilman Hernandez, your cousin could have easily killed a family when he was recklessly evading law enforcement. Shame on you Councilman Hernandez! FUERRÁ!

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