Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Santa Ana residents are beyond fed up with the dozens if not hundreds of drug addicts that have taken up residency on our streets. Residents often call the SAPD only to find that our police will rarely arrest these vagrants even when there is cause to do so.

In stunning contrast the Cost Mesa Community Policing Unit officers rode 23 miles throughout Costa Mesa, on Tuesday. They made seven drug-related arrests, including one warrant. They also made sure the trash piles they came across got cleaned up.

Why doesn’t Santa Ana Mayor Vince Sarmiento make sure this happens in Santa Ana too? While members of our City Council are busy participating in planned riots our city is a mess and it seems that no one at City Hall cares.

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9 thoughts on “Why do Costa Mesa police officers ticket and arrest criminal vagrants while the SAPD ignores them?”
      1. Arrests don’t mean they’re prosecuted… these crimes are misdemeanors, so they are ticketed or booked in jail and released an hour later only to repeat their nonsense while they don’t go to jail because liberals voted for lesser punishments

  1. Why isn’t the Police Chief called before the city council to answer your question. We in Park Santiago and Floral Park suffer from these people inhabiting the Santiago Creek. Lot’s of Drug Dealing and Drug Use in the Creek also! Time to demand the
    city use the same methods as our neighbor city, Costa Mesa. Let’s get rid of this Scum.

    1. I think the problem is our Mayor and some members of the City Council. I am sure the Chief would love to do more to fight crime but he is hamstrung by the anti-police Mayor and City Council.

      1. You also have all these “Activists” from other cities advocating for homeless rights and drug court and so on. And none of these people live in the Santa Ana area, rather in Irvine and other affluent cities. Their thought, let’s keep these people out of our cities and keep them in Santa Ana.

        Here’s a thought, let’s relocate these people to the homes of council members like Hernandez, Pham, and Lopez and the mayor as well and see how many rights they have then. Let’s see what happens when their cars are broken into and their kids are harassed. Let’s see how quick they’ll tell the chief to start enforcement.

  2. It simple SAPD arrest a homeless person he’s released in Santa Ana
    Costa Mesa PD arrest a homeless person he’s released in Santa Ana

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