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Early Tuesday morning, police officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm call in the west area of Irvine, according to the Irvine Police Department.

Shortly after arriving, the police officers detained one man walking out of the business and a second suspect walking away from the business.

During a building search, K9 Lincoln’s keen senses found a third suspect hiding in a closet. After K9 Lincoln’s alert, the suspect swiftly surrendered, highlighting the effectiveness of utilizing K9 units in critical situations.

Manuel Ramos, 43, and Michael James Orlando Gutierrez, 38, of Santa Ana, and Ramiro Perez, 45, of Yorba Linda were booked at Orange County Jail for burglary and conspiracy.

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2 thoughts on “Two Santa Ana men were arrested for a commercial burglary in Irvine”
  1. Crummy reporting. What’s the address of the crime location. Or didn’t your DEI teachers in J school teach you that? lol

    1. I graduated from a private Catholic high school and studied journalism at CSUF and UCI. As for the address, the police did not report it and we have yet to develop psychic powers so we have no idea.

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