Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Last night, two men attempted to rob a man returning home from a Los Angeles County Casino, according to the Irvine Police Department.

During the investigation, the police investigators learned that two men matching the description of the suspects were arrested in Compton, in possession of replica firearms, after committing commercial robberies in L.A. County.

Those crimes were committed after the incident in Irvine. The investigation is ongoing, and there is no threat to the community.

Here are a few safety tips to consider when you are leaving a casino, courtesy of the Seattle Police Department:

  • Be aware of your surroundings – avoid walking with your phone in hand and your head down.
  • Make it a habit to secure your cell phone and other belongings to eliminate possible distractions.
  • Pay attention and stay alert – if you notice someone suspicious, get to a safe location and call 911.
  • Provide as much detail about the suspicious person or vehicle as you can to the 911 call taker to assist police in their investigation.
  • Report criminal activity utilizing the different resources available. For response needing a police officer call 911 or your local police department.

If you have information related to this incident, please contact Detective Nick Johnson at 949-724-7177 or email

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One thought on “Two men tried to rob an Irvine man as he returned home from a casino”
  1. “Don’t do Stupid things, with Stupid people, at Stupid places, at Stupid times.”
    Gambling at a casino qualifies….

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