Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

A Trumper named Kim Sorgente has been arrested for “assault with a deadly weapon” at the Santa Ana “Stop the Steal” rally last Dec. 6, according to Vern Nelson, the Editor of the Orange Juice Blog.

Sorgente allegedly bashed a Santa Ana resident over the head with his megaphone when the guy was trying to escape to safety.

Apparently Sorgente was found when he was protesting outside the O.C. Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Sorgento is in custody at Theo Lacy (booking #3193242, case #21CF0788). Arraignment set for today in CJ1, C59. His bail has been increased to $125K. The OCDA prosecutor told the Judge that Sorgente is probably wanted by the FBI for assault on a federal officer on Jan. 6. The Judge declared him a danger to the public and raised his bail!

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5 thoughts on “Trumper finally arrested for assaulting a Santa Ana resident at a Stop the Steal rally”
  1. Jeez, you did give me credit at least. But the Register wrote, today (after Lil Kim got arrested again for Jan 6 violence)

    “According to New Santa Ana, a local news blog, Sorgente was accused of hitting another person over the head with a megaphone at a Dec. 6, 2020 “Stop the Steal” rally.”

    No respect, I tell ya! And I’ve been following Sorgente for years, even chatted with him a couple months ago.

    1. Kim does NOT represent most of us. He’s burned bridges in the MAHA movement almost from the beginning when we figured our who he REALLY was and was quickly alienated from many of us. I was the first to disassociate myself from him. He was trouble and I and many believe is a “plant”. If he’s not a plant/fed, he’s one messed up dude. I don’t consider him a Patriot. He acts more like Antifa.

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