Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

You cannot start a revolution by boycotting the community!  By: Theo Hirsch

El Centro Cultural De Mexico separates themselves from the community in many, many respects. Although I appreciate their anger and their rebellion; yet as a pinche Huero, I don’t really feel comfortable when I go there to visit although I do still visit. I mean, don’t get me wrong I do go there and there are some people who do welcome me, but the overall welcoming vibe just isn’t there.

“Cultural” es la palabra, No es “culto”

You have separated yourselves from the community in many respects and I find that to be a shame. It’s a shame that more people of white, European, background don’t feel comfortable there. Nor have I ever witnessed any black people; and maybe one Middle Easterner, (Andy) and that’s just because he was brown enough and not too black to fit in (and he spoke some Spanish).

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17 thoughts on “Theo Hirsch says the Mexicans at El Centro need to join the community”
  1. Oh my god, Admin we should figure who pooped their pants more? me or you when reading Theo’s post. Actually i am pretty darn sure it was the city council. Good! some of our buddies there might learn some actual job skills besides sharpening pencils, pushing paper, rigging the system, making community enemies, F ing everything up for people that actually give a damn about the human/santa ana race. Guess what else? Theo and I and Claudia infiltrated the Gay Mafia’s party house last night. I have much to report but I need to get me some sleep. talk soon. fight the good fight! Don’t sell out Admin! Remember, the more popular you get, the more the sales men come knocking at your door to beg you to sell out! We are betting on you Admin.

  2. What was that you said about Alvarez Admin? If God flooded the world and then decided something, What? Theo is more likely to be GOD. Claudia is always welcome to party with us though.

  3. “You cannot start a revolution by boycotting the community!”…… Hmmmmm

    There is not one single revolution which ever accomplished anything!

    After about 50 years flowing the revolution, everything starts returns to a normal state of natural human progress.

    The good example is USA and Canada.

    USA started revolution and separated itself from the Brits and Canada did not.

    Except for the population size, about 235 years later, there is virtually no difference in the social structure between USA and Canada.

    The Mexican revolution is another example of failure and many people there are living in subhuman condition today.

    And all bolshevik revolutions have disintegrated as a major failure of a social experiment.

    Now, here comes Theo Hirsch, the anger driven loser, wanting to start another Mexican revolution.

    Same as keeping their women barefoot and pregnant, Latinos like to live in the state of perpetuate revolutionary suspense blaming others for their failure.

  4. TH said:
    “El Centro Cultural De Mexico separates themselves from the community in many, many respects … the overall welcoming vibe just isn’t there.”

    TH says many stupid ignorant things in his online screed – I don’t agree with much of what he says, but I do agree with the above quote. Even when you meet members of ECCDM on the street in a neutral venue they are very stand-off-ish.

    One more thing – TH is a prick. His rant in Spanish at the recent Alvarez “roast” council meeting was idiotic.

    1. Theo was going to sing his comments but it was brilliant to say them in Spanish instead. Nothing pisses off the Usual Suspects more than having to hear the Spanish language. If only Theo knee Nahuatl, that would have been even better!

  5. British Prime Minister recently lashed out against this “Multiculturalism” bug that infects special interest groups.

    Theo isn’t entirely wrong.

  6. “Nothing pisses off the Usual Suspects more than having to hear the Spanish language”….. Hmmmm

    So it is a pissing contest!… Huh?

    One time I was pissed in the chamber because this Vega character, his lumpenproletariat, always speaks Spanish, so I start my comment in Russian. About 15 sec into my comment Pulido hopelessly say: “I do not understand”.

  7. To use language to piss off your opposition is stupid.

    In addition, if you will continue in that direction you will lose your PBID reversal too because stupid people seldom win their arguments.

  8. I’m not trying to start a Mexican revolution, who ever said that doesn’t know what their talking about. All I care about is balance around here… I haven’t been hanging at El Centro much for the past 6-8 months. who knows, maybe their better then they use to be. I never had any problems there… Just saying.

  9. “All I care about is balance around here”….. Hmmmm

    Obviously your balancing act is speaking Spanish in the English speaking meeting and tolerating Mexican National Socialistic Movement “El Centro”.

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