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As we reported last night on our Facebook page, at 11:45 p.m., yet another episode of racism occurred at an SAUSD football game, which featured teams from Segerstrom High School versus Marina High School. The incident has blown up today and resulted in the release of a joint statement by the SAUSD and the Huntington Beach Union High School District:


Last evening, an incident occurred during a football game between Segerstrom High School and Marina High School in which two student-generated signs with racial undertones were displayed near the entrance of the stadium and in front of the snack bar.

“Segerstrom students and parents saw the signs and received them as offensive.

“Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) officials have shared their concerns with Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) administrators regarding the incident, and are working together to resolve the issue and to use the unfortunate incident as a teachable moment for students.

“HBUHSD and Marina High School accept responsibility for the incident and apologize to the students, families and staff of Segerstrom High School.

“SAUSD and HBUHSD believe strongly in the principles of diversity and inclusion. Every student deserves to feel valued and respected. What happened Friday night was offensive and contrary to both districts’ guiding principles – and for that, HBUHSD apologizes.

“The Marina High School Principal has also apologized and will be meeting with the Principal of Segerstrom High School to consider next steps in collaboration with Segerstrom through restorative circles to help strengthen relationships as well as provide diversity training for Marina’s Associated Student Body and other student organizations.

“HBUHSD has reached out to the Orange County Human Relations Commission and to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), to assist in working with Marina students to build greater understanding of why what occurred was wrong and how we can build and maintain a strong relationship based on mutual respect.

“The safety, along with the social-emotional and mental well-being of each and every one of our students, is of utmost importance to SAUSD.

“Santa Ana Unified will employ Restorative Practices to address the issue; staff will meet when school reconvenes Monday to converse with Segerstrom students who were impacted by the incident; and communicate with our parents and families our joint district plan to resolve the concern.

“Both districts want to assure students, parents, staff and community that both HBUHSD and SAUSD reject racism in any form in our schools and community and that it is never acceptable.”

The OC Sports Zone reported that Marina won the game 25-14 to inch closer to its first league title since 1986.

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12 thoughts on “The SAUSD responds to last night’s racist signs at the Segerstrom football game”
  1. We all know if they came here and saw some signs that said “ marina favorite color is pink “ them snowflakes would also be crying. Matter fact , I’m sure Segerstrom stoke that move to complain from one of these majority white racist schools. Anyways this was all “ fun and games “ until one of them would’ve gotten hurt. They say they ain’t racist.

    1. Marina is extremely different divide in the nationality of their students; In fact more than ever
      I’m sure you wanna have it at the same people who started the BS story about sound Kemeny in the school Lincoln out of San Diego with the racist remarks as well! Stop playing the damn race card; it was a huge win for Marina after many many years and your tarnishing it for these kids and how dare you be such a disgusting human being

  2. So confused those aren’t even Marina cheerleaders, Look at their uniforms look at that hair I don’t know where that picture even came from but it is not marina high school cheerleaders at least from this decade! I think this is a total BS story where someone is trying to bring up a race card that doesn’t even exist and it was probably the parents to put up these fake signs!
    Look at the BS stories that came out of San Clemente from that school in San Diego that was all made up and when the truth came out was hidden deep within the newspapers! It’s the few creating the racist diversity amongst our young high school students in this community and it needs to come to a stop and anyone who believes the story I feel sorry for you and your ignorance!

  3. The sign from my point of view had nothing to do with racism. People need to look up that word In the dictionary’s before trying to make a small sign turn into huge publicity. Did someone need attention or what? You are teaching your kids to complain about nonsense like this . I can just imagine when real life’s issues come about how these parents will react. So embarrassing . Sorry Marina, but only people that have nothing better to do will look at it as racial.

    1. Well that’s how it starts if the parents can’t teach them how to act at home.. then don’t complain when the streets teach them a better lesson in real life..

    2. You must be a Trump supporter. The signs are still bullying! These signs were to make fun of others. How is that ok? These are still kids. The world is corrupt because of specs of people like you. You have no class!

    3. STOP TALKING!! You sound so dam dumb. It’s the small-minded people who made the posters and the principal of Marina High School that have nothing better to do obviously. This is the second inappropriate incident that the public is aware of. The Principal should be held accountable after brushing off the N-word petition as a bad April fool’s joke. This is exactly why these young adults felt comfortable doing it again. If the district really want to make a change they can start by cleaning house starting with the Principal who keeps referring to theses disgusting behavior from young adults as bad jokes and Mistakes!!

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