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SAUSD Has Variety of Safety Plans and Training to Ensure Campuses are Safe

(February 21, 2018) – The Santa Ana Unified School District community sends its heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families, students, teachers, and staff, who have been impacted by the senseless tragedy in Broward County, Florida that resulted in the death of 17 innocent people and several other injuries.

The Santa Ana Unified School District Board of Education and Superintendent have a long-standing commitment to the safety of our students and staff by investing in a strong, well-trained school police department that is specifically designed to support our school community.

“We have a robust safety and security plan that includes regular training of our personnel on emergency procedures. As part of our extensive training, we have produced a video “Surviving a School Shooting…Run, Hide, Fight” to prepare our officers and school staff on the best actions to take in the event of a school shooting,” said Valerie Amezcua, President of the Board of Education. This video can be viewed here.

“We also have visitor management system that requires all visitors to provide identification when they check in at our school front offices. Operating 24 hours a day, each day of the week, our School Police Department maintains a strong partnership with the Santa Ana Police Department and many other neighboring law enforcement agencies. In addition, all schools are required to develop and submit annual safety plans.

Although we are confident in our safety plans, we will continue to review and refine our procedures for events that we hope will never happen,” said Amezcua.

The District has always been proactive in providing safety training to staff. That practice will continue when the District provides the Run, Hide, Fight training to teachers and staff this week.

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