Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The Santa Ana Literary Association will be presenting a new poem by a local poet every week this year. This week’s poem is “Listen” by Kathryn Brockman.


By: Kathryn Brockman

Inherit the Wind
Inherit the Breeze
Inherit the Trees
Inherit the Leaves

It is these
That will always please
In moments of fear
Remember to hear

Listen to the Wind
Listen to the Breeze
Listen to the Trees
Listen to the Leaves

Feel the sun, soft and warm
Every day you are new born
When you feel you’ve lost your way
Stop a moment
And remember to say

A healthy body
A happy heart
I am brain-smart
Now is a good time to restart

And try again to find your way
Today is like no other day
Rest now, on my green grass lay
Close your eyes, send doubtful thoughts away

Listen to the Wind
Feel the Breeze
Caress the Trees
And tickle the Leaves

Kathryn Brockman is an OC-based writer who works as an independent contract editor/writer in numerous industries, including advertising, biomed, healthcare, and aerospace. She is the second daughter of a military family whose father was a three-war battlefield veteran. Kathryn dreams her poems, which she writes down as soon as she awakens. She has kept dream journals for over 45 years.

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One thought on “The Santa Ana Poem of the Week is “Listen” by Kathryn Brockman”
  1. I loved reading this thoughtful, reflective, nature-based poem. Thank you, Kathryn, for your wonderful work, and I hope to continue to read more of your pieces in the future.

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