Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Santa Ana City Council Members Johnathan Hernandez and Ben Vazquez wasted hours of everyone’s time last night with their ridiculous resolution calling on a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing battle with the Hamas terrorists.

You can watch all the ridiculous comments for this resolution in the video above starting at two hours and eight minutes. Kudos to the many speakers who showed up to slam this anti-Semitic resolution!

Their usual allies on the City Council, Jessie Lopez and Thai Viet Phan, refused to go along with the Hernandez Palestinian resolution, opting to introduce their own, which did not include mention of a ceasefire.

Santa Ana Mayor Valerie Amezcua opposed both resolutions. Council members Phil Bacerra and David Penaloza did not speak, according to the Voice of OC.

What the Voice of OC failed to report is that Bacerra explained to the audience that he would not address the resolution because it did not pertain to city business.

The Voice of OC also failed to report the threats that were made, in particular to Mayor Amezcua. When one unhinged speaker said he would wait for her outside she immediately asked the Chief of Police to meet that suspect outside. Amezcua spent her career in probation and does not take B.S. from criminals!

Two other California cities, Oakland and Richmond, have passed their own calls for a ceasefire. Just this week, debate over whether Oakland’s resolution should include a condemnation of Hamas for its terror attacks that triggered the conflict devolved into anti-Semitic rants. The council ultimately refused to censure Hamas, according to the Free Beacon.

The resolution accused Israel of war crimes, but notably pulled its punches on Hamas’ terrorist actions, which in addition to the deliberate slaughter of innocent people included reports of rape and sexual violence, according to the O.C. Register.

Shame on Hernandez and Vazquez for bringing up this lame resolution when there are so many other more important issues that our City Council should be focusing on! If nothing else they have now ensured that Jewish donors will surely be donating to their eventual political opponents. Both of them need to go!

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