Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Today’s order from County Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick is NOT an order to shelter in place. It is not a lockdown. It is important for all Orange County businesses to remain open while practicing social distancing consistent with the Governor’s guidance. However, following State guidelines, all bars and other establishments that serve alcohol and do not serve food shall close. All restaurants and other business establishments that serve food shall close all onsite dining. Pickup, delivery and drive thru services may remain open. It is important for all Orange County residents to read the order in its entirety.

Unfortunately, the order as written caused wide-spread confusion. In order to provide additional clarity requested by Orange County residents and businesses, the County will be issuing an amended Health Officer’s Order.

Should you have questions, please contact the County of Orange Public Information Hotline at (714) 628-7085. Please do not call 9-1-1 unless it is an emergency.

For general information about COVID-19, please call the OC Health Care Agency’s (HCA) Health Referral Line at (800) 564-8448, visit, or follow the HCA on Facebook (@ochealthinfo) and Twitter (@ochealth).

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7 thoughts on “The O.C. Public Health Order is not an order to shelter in place”
    1. My wife and I were both told to work from home. Some employers are doing that and others are trying to limit the number of people in the workplace. Many businesses have been forced to close temporarily.

  1. We are only going to have a skeleton crew at work. The majority were sent home to work from home. Since we will only be a hand full of us in the office, I’m not worried. Wash my hands and disinfect.

  2. Yes same here, only essential based are working. OC should have carefully reviewed what was being press released,.

  3. Yes, goodness, the original release was worded like the one in NorCal. We cannot afford confusion in these times!

  4. Exactly why we cant trust things the government says when it comes to personal liberty. It’s got one in its mouth and the other up its backside before it can say anything straight

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