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Measure q

The new membership for Santa Ana College’s Measure Q bond Committee includes former RSCCD Trustee Mark McLaughlin -didn’t he receive campaign funds from college contractors who he will be overseeing now? I smell conflict of interest!

And why was Carolyn Cavecche, a former Mayor of Orange, appointed to this Committee? I thought only Santa Ana residents could vote for Measure Q? How can she now be part of this committee? Did I miss something?

Also how could they not find a single student or senior representative? Unbelievable. The RSCCD Trustees may include more Latinos now but nothing has changed at the district.

Here are the new Measure Q Committee members:

Name Membership Category

  • Eric Alderete, Community, At-Large
  • Carolyn Cavecche, Taxpayers Association
  • Nellie Caudillo Kaniski, Community, At-Large
  • Mark McLoughlin, Business Organization
  • Kenneth Nguyen, Community, At-Large
  • Ken Purcell, Support Organization – SAC Foundation
  • Cesar Vargas, Community, At-Large
  • Vacant, Senior Citizen’s Group
  • Vacant, Santa Ana College Student

Click to access 03-11-13%20DOCKET.pdf

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2 thoughts on “The Measure Q Bond Committee is business as usual…”
  1. “The RSCCD Trustees may include more Latinos now but nothing has changed at the district.”……. Hmmmmmmmm

    That should be a lesson to all that more of the lesser does not yield more.

  2. I have an idea!

    Lets put more Latinos everywhere and make this country Latin America. That way I can illegally cross the border to the Canada and become illegal-alien there.

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