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Yesterday, Irvine police detectives observed two men acting suspiciously near a bank at Culver and Walnut. After they attempted to burglarize a vehicle, the detectives attempted to contact them.

The two men fled, and a short pursuit began. The two men were taken into custody in the city of Tustin.

They were driving a vehicle recently rented from the Los Angeles International Airport. The suspects had fake California temporary license plates on the car.

Fred Douglas Woodberry IV, 31, and Willie Clarence Curry Jr., 38, of Texas, were arrested for attempted burglary, conspiracy, felony evasion, and possession of burglary tools. Both were booked at Orange County Jail.

These guys came here all the way from Texas and incurred a car rental fee for nothing. Now they get to enjoy the O.C. Jail and will face felony charges.

Bank Jugging is a process where thieves surveil banks and watch for customers leaving with cash. The suspects then follow the bank customer from the bank. Once the victim parks their vehicle, the thief burglarizes it to steal the money.

To avoid being a victim of Bank Jugging, the Irvine Police Department suggests the following:

  • Conceal your cash withdrawal before leaving the bank or ATM
  • Pay attention to your surroundings and watch for suspicious people
  • Never hide cash in your vehicle. If you must stop before your final destination, take the money with you.
  • Call the police if you think you are being followed from the bank

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