Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

While the rest of us enjoyed our Labor Day holiday a few criminals thought it would be a great idea to cause mayhem in Huntington Beach. They were wrong about that as it turned out.

During one incident, a witness reported seeing an individual use a large rock to break a car window. Huntington Beach police officers quickly went after the suspect and made an arrest. Is anyone surprised that the suspect was also found in possession of narcotics and with an active felony vehicle theft warrant?

A few hours later, a dynamic duo decided to turn a police car into a public restroom and vandalize it by jumping on the hood. One of the suspects took off on foot when the police arrived while the other suspect was caught after a short foot pursuit. Both suspects were charged with vandalism, public urination, and other charges.

Huntington Beach police officers kept busy that day as they went about their proactive patrols, arresting four additional suspects for possession of drug paraphernalia and other narcotics.

Huntington Beach is a great place to have fun but not ideal for those intent on committing crimes!

Perhaps all these suspects just wanted free room and board at the OC Jail?

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