Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

On Sunday, at about 2:10am, the Costa Mesa Police Department responded to a single-vehicle traffic collision and found a crashed vehicle between Santa Ana and Tustin Avenues. There were no serious injuries but there was a one-way sign in the center median that was damaged and a tree was severed. The driver was determined to be under the influence and was subsequently arrested.

About 20 minutes later on West 19th Street, officers responded to another single-vehicle traffic collision in front of a bar. The driver was not harmed but he did hit and sever a tree in the center median. The driver displayed objective signs of intoxication and was arrested for driving under the influence.

The Costa Mesa Police Department wants to remind everyone that DUI is always dangerous. There are many options to get home safe after having drinks. There are no excuses. Don’t want to leave your car behind for the night? Consider that now two different drunken drivers in one night have incurred a criminal record, legal and insurance issues, and a damaged car. Please book a rideshare or designate a sober driver. We share the road and driving is a privilege; don’t endanger others or damage our beautiful city by driving under the influence. Plan ahead, keep the streets safe and get home safe.

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