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The City of Santa Ana is looking for your suggestions to help name the latest addition to our Parks system. The new, 1.18-acre park will be built on two City-owned parcels at the northeast corner of Raitt and Myrtle streets and will feature a skate park, play equipment, exercise area, drought-tolerant landscaping, drinking water fountains, lighting, a public restroom, and other amenities. Please complete the questions below; thank you for your suggestion!

Criteria for naming the park:

  • A name which serves to identify the location of the subject by reference to distinct geographic, environmental or development features in the immediate area.
  • A name which references the history of the subject site or its immediate area.
  • A name which identifies a person or family which made an extraordinary donation of land or funds to promote the construction or improvement of the subject public facility.
  • A name which recognizes a person or family who made a distinct, significant contribution to the well-being of the city, including past mayors, council members, board or commission members, officers or employees of the city, but not anyone who currently holds any such position.

Applications will be accepted through January 3, 2022. Please visit the following link, to complete the survey: https://www.santa-ana.org/parks/name-park.

For questions or additional information, please call 714-571-4258.

Ayúdenos a nombrar el nuevo parque

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8 thoughts on “The City of Santa Ana needs your help to name the new park at Raitt and Myrtle”
  1. Gang infested park. Or druggies only. Or how about no lights at night park. Or maybe someone uses the bathroom as their house park. Santa Ana d doesn’t need another park. Specially in that area. Next to social services. Where all the homeless and mentally I’ll hang out. Great place for a park for kids. Another FAIL for the city. Spending money for no reason.

      1. Most likely, you don’t live in Santa Ana possibly even Orange County. If you had any idea, Jerome park is five minutes away from that area. Money that needs to be distributed into other areas is seriously being considered ok being spent on another park. Like I said , you are most likely a tourist who came to. Visit Disneyland made a wrong turn and now feels the need to throw in their two cents. Nice try. By the way, I’ll be skating at that place if the “ weather “ permits.

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