Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

A historical mural located on a wall at Memorial Park pool can be preserved in place as part of a $25 million aquatics center project, according to preliminary construction documents provided to the City of Santa Ana this week.

The City intends to preserve the mural in its current location, protect it during construction, and integrate it into the design of the new aquatics center. The City’s goal was always to keep the mural, if possible, following public input received during the community planning workshops for the pool project and from the arts community. Staff are working with Southern California Edison to relocate electrical equipment needed for the pool project away from the mural site.

Titled “Chicano Gothic” and created by artist Emigdio Vasquez in 1987, the mural is located on a wall inside the Memorial Park pool facility near the swimming pool. The City recognizes the historical and cultural importance of the mural and its significance to the Santa Ana community.

The Memorial Park pool project, currently in the design phase, will create a modern aquatics center to replace the original pool that has been in use since 1956. More details about the aquatics center and the mural’s preservation will be announced at a later date.

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