Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The Orange County Tea Party Patriots 2010 will be holding a Tax Day Tea Party Rally on April 15, in Santa Ana, at the Plaza Of The Flag, located at 700 Civic Center Drive West.

Here is a message from the rally organizers:

Come let your voice be heard. Our exciting guests will be encouraging and empowering you in restoring America to its roots in Liberty, Constitution and our inherent Rights. Bring your signs, your friends, your family and your love of country. Our event will be respectful and plans to leave the Plaza cleaner than we found it, so please be prepared to take home anything you bring. See you in the Plaza! 

The event appears to be dominated by Republican speakers, including Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Assemblyman Van Tran, and OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh.

The choice of Tran as a speaker is curious given that he is running in the OC GOP primary for the right to challenge Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, who serves the Santa Ana area.  I wonder if there will be counter-protesters there to “welcome” Tran, who is known for being viciously anti-Latino?

To RSVP, email:

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5 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party Rally to be held in Santa Ana on April 15”
  1. Not all Tea Party members are Bigots or Racist, but I would be very suspect of any group that allows extremism or bigotry from anyone in the group.

    Religion is not a race, but calling President Obama a Muslim and thus implying that being a Muslim is somehow wrong or bad, is bigotry and Un-American.

    Implying that President Obama is a monkey is bigotry.

    But the worst of all is the last picture in the video. Definitely Racist, incites violence, and again is Un-American!

  2. What’s this? 12:00 to 2:30 on a Thursday? Who’s going to show up for this, the unemployed and the retired? Or is it just an opportunity for the speakers to get some free air time as media cameras show up for a “news” event?
    Hey Art! Are you going to run for public office again? This would be a campaign fund raising opportunity — a rally numbers pool. Pitch in 5 bucks to pick a number for rally participants on 4/15; closest estimate gets some kind of prize. I’ve got 5 bucks on 60, not including the politico’s entourages.

    1. SAHS teacher,

      I promised my wife I would not run again. But that is a good idea!

      Funny that the GOP hacks would do this in Santa Ana…

  3. This looks like an attempt to hijack the Tea Party movement by a bunch of local politico’s. Highly suspect.

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