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Female copper pipe suspect

Santa Ana School Police Department Community Alert: Suspects arrested stealing copper piping from the roof of Carver Elementary School

Santa Ana School Police received a call of a person on the roof of Carver Elementary School at 5:20 AM Wednesday morning, January 15, 2014. When Officers arrived, they found one male adult suspect still on the roof of the school attempting to hide from the Officers. The suspect was detained without incident. The suspect was cutting and removing copper piping from an ice harvester unit.

During the investigation, Officers detained another male adult and female adult who were loitering near the school. The investigation revealed the adult female was in possession of stolen copper piping from the school and was an accomplice.
It was determined the second adult male subject was not involved in the copper theft. However, he did have three outstanding arrest warrants.

Male copper pipe suspect

All three adults were transported to and booked at the Santa Ana Jail. The two adults arrested for the theft of copper piping were charged with 487(a) PC – Grand Theft and 594(b)(1) PC – Vandalism.

Contact Information:

Mark Van Holt,  Operations, 714-558-5828,

For full details, view this message on the web.


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