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I got an email this week from a fellow named Peter Yang.  He is a “broke college student” over at Santa Ana College.  He and a friend got tired of getting ripped off by college bookstores and they have started a website where students can buy and sell their used college textbooks.  Here’s how Yang describes the rip-off process of buying and selling your books at most colleges:

The business of buying and selling college textbooks has always been a pain for college students. With student loans being taken out, to tuition prices getting raised each year, the burden of not having enough money for books is a headache for many people. Students who buy their college textbooks from their school’s bookstore are well aware of the ridiculous prices that they need to pay for certain books. Then by the end of the semester, these students who purchased expensive textbooks from the bookstores sell it back to their bookstore for a third of the price that they paid for these books. After selling it back to the bookstores, the bookstores mark the price back up by double.

Does that sound familiar?  The good news is that you now have an alternative to paying too much at the local college bookstore – and then selling them back your books for a fraction of what you paid for them.

TXTBOOKLIST is a free service for Southern California students to buy and list their books in a simple to use online bulletin board to sell to students that attend their school or other local schools that share the same textbook. It has the convenience of Craigslist but is made solely for the purpose of letting students have an easier way to either sell their textbooks, or buy their textbooks from other students at a reasonable price. After all, the website’s main goal is for college students to help other college students.

What about other sites, like Amazon and Craigslist?  With Amazon, you have to wait a week or so to receive your books. A lot of students procrastinate and don’t get their textbooks until a week after class begins. Craiglists is a convenient way of buying and selling books but it is a very broad website and caters to very single category including textbooks. Not only that but Craigslist doesn’t specialize in students buying and selling their textbooks to each other. It is a very decent classifieds website but it is also very broad in categories.

For more information, contact Peter Yang at 949.331.3294.

Irvine, Ca
Phone – 949.331.3294

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