Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Supervisor Katrina Foley and the Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved two public health initiatives to better protect Orange County residents, including communicating their opposition regarding the placement of Sexually Violent predators in Orange County and creating a “Safe Zone” to protect families during child custody situations and residents purchasing goods from e-commerce sites.

The Board stated their intent to send a letter to the State of California Department of State Hospitals and other relevant agencies asking that the County be better notified before the release of Sexually Violent Predators. The Board of Supervisors also voted to ask the legislative affairs team to include the Community Safety Team to help to facilitate the process of releasing Sexually Violent Predators (SVP).

“Orange County residents do not want to live in fear of a sexually violent predator’s placement in their neighborhoods. Our goal is to develop new County tools that keep our County safe, while standing up for our families,” said Supervisor Foley. “In a nearby County, 5 sexually violent predators arrived through placement, without the community properly notified and despite the dangers that repeat sexual offenders can pose. Previously, our County voted to fund rape kits and to address the backlog of rape kit in Orange County, which is also essential to the ongoing safety of our residents,” said Supervisor Katrina Foley.”

Supervisor Foley and the Board of Supervisors also unanimously voted to create a “Safe Zone” intended to protect families during child custody situations and residents purchasing goods from e-commerce sites. This program will provide 24-hour video recording of marked parking spots at appropriate County locations, including the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) substations.

“By championing the ‘Safe Zone,’ our goal is to help parents with contentious child custody arrangements feel empowered knowing about safe locations with lighting, near law enforcement is close if needed, and where all interactions are video recorded,” said Supervisor Foley. “Additionally, so many of us use e-commerce websites requiring meetings with strangers, which may create a risk of crime. I look forward to our safe zones becoming active, so families and those using e-commerce websites have a secure location to use.”

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