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Protesters demanding “Justice for victims of Police brutality and murders” will be speaking out at the offices of the Orange County District Attorney on Monday, July 22, 2013, from 9 am to 12 noon.

They are demanding a stop to:

  • Killer cops
  • the unilateral gang enhancement
  • sentencing minors as adults
  • and the continuing crimalization of youth of color
  • ICE out county and city jails

They are also demanding the prosecution of “corrupt and killer cops.”

A a victim of the police industrial complex, Jesus Arturo Aguirre was sentenced to life in prison at age 16, during a devious trail based on intimidation and the exaggeration of the facts. He was convicted of eight charges that had to do with personal dispute between two other people resulting in a minor injury. Nevertheless, for being part of the same social network, Jesus was found to be the only suspect of this quarrel .

On July 21, 2012 Anaheim police murdered Manuel Diaz while he was surrendering and following police orders. He was shot in the head in front of his community. In response to the outrageous (and common) murder, community members began peaceful gathering outside their homes. The Anaheim police responded with extreme violence, unleashing attack dogs and shooting life-threatening munitions on babies, small children, elderly and everybody in range.

The video of the cowardly attack was quickly seen by millions worldwide, sparking emergency protests at the Anaheim Police Headquarters. On July 22, the Anaheim police murdered Joel Acevedo, further stoking the anger in the community. In the following days, thousands of people rose up against the scourge of police violence. Historic protests shook Anaheim for days. Though ultimately the city heavily militarized the police to repress the movement with violence and intimidation, it brought the struggle against police brutality to a national stage, and laid the foundations for future struggle.

Now, on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz (which set of this chain of events), scores of families of police brutality victims (including the mothers of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo) are calling on people of conscious all over California to unite for a mass march in Anaheim. Only a people’s movement can turn the tide against the epidemic of police brutality.

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4 thoughts on “Protest demanding justice for victims of police brutality set for 7/22”
  1. Stop protesting, bitching and elect me as your Mayor.
    In 2004 I got 10,000 against Pulido.

    If you relay want any Justice we must do better.

    I know how to bring under a control brute midgets SAPD Chief Rojas.

  2. lol have to love this excellent column. When did peaceful demonstrations include setting fires and destroying property? This whole column is sad. Great job for those who want to make their voices heard, but writing something like this? Are you trying to incite even more “peaceful demonstrations”?

    1. This wasn’t a column. We just presented info about an event we found on Facebook.

      We post every press release the SAPD and OCDA send us. What’s wrong with posting info like this? That’s called balance…

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