Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

At 1:38 in the morning non Feb. 3, an observant resident or Orange called the police when they heard a saw cutting through metal and suspected a catalytic converter theft in progress.

Orange police officers arrived and located the suspect vehicle occupied by three subjects in the area of Feldner and Chapman.

Inside the vehicle, officers recovered a freshly cut catalytic converter, burglary tools, and methamphetamine.

All three suspects were booked at Orange County Jail and the stolen property was returned to the victim.

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One thought on “Police arrested a crew of catalytic converter thieves in Orange”
  1. My daughters was stolen from her car few weeks ago in Yorba Linda. The damage and the cost is upsetting. I wonder how much money they get for one. Sad that they do what they do just for the high. I believe in Karma. I hope one day she pays a visit to they. And no jail is not karma.

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