Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

There are people all over the world who cannot elect their political leaders. In some cases the elections in their countries are flat out rigged – and in others they are allowed to vote for one candidate. And some countries, like Cuba, simply don’t allow elections at all. But here in the United States we have the right to vote. It is dismaying that so many voters in this country simply choose not to vote.

Today is election day here in California and if you have not already voted, via absentee ballot, I urge you to please go do your civic duty and vote. If you don’t know where to go to place your vote, click here.

If you decide to vote for me, to represent you in Area One of the Orange County Board of Education, I thank you. However even if you decide to vote for another candidate, I encourage you to go vote.

It is easy these days to become cynical and convince yourself that your vote doesn’t matter – because both of the major parties are corrupt. Well, they may be but you are going to be voting today in California’s first Open Primary. You can now vote in partisan elections for any candidate of your choosing. So don’t feel constrained to vote for candidates of one party. Look at all of them. Do your homework. If you need help choosing a candidate you can look at my picks by clicking here. Note that I am all over the map when it comes to choosing who to vote for. I vote for the best candidate, irrespective of their partisan affiliation, or lack of it in some cases. And so should you!

One trend I find refreshing is that the voters in Orange County appear to be ignoring the tons of political mailers that have infected their mail boxes for weeks now. Good! Keep ignoring them. Go online and search for information about your candidates. Go to www.smartvoter.org and you can find out more about all of the candidates – or at least the ones who bothered to fill out their candidate information pages. The Orange County Lincoln Club has a pretty good voter guide too, here. As does the Libertarian Party of Orange County, here.

Most important of all – vote. Don’t take this important right for granted. Vote and then you will be able to complain about the results later! It is your right as a free American. Vote and encourage all of your friends and family to do so as well. Thank you!

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