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Dog Poop Ruining Your Yard? New OC Company Will Scoop It Up For You!

OC Company ‘Scoop Up Poop’ Takes Care of #2 so You Have More Time for #1 – You!

Irvine, CA February 13, 2015: Do you smell that Orange County? Neither do we! Our yards and trash cans aren’t filled with dog poop anymore. If you are like us, you just don’t have time to clean up after your dog. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is scoop up poop! And you definitely have better things to do on weekends. Well we have good news for you, Irvine based company, Scoop Up Poop Pet Waste Removal, will come clean up after your pets for you.

The company offers residential and commercial waste removal to the entire OC, cleaning up as often as the owner wants — weekly, multiple times per week, bi-weekly, or monthly. The most popular choice for single dog owners is once a week, and twice a week for multiple dog owners. One-time cleanups also are available, such as before a large event. Commercially, the company services apartment and condo complexes that allow pets. They will also clean up at kennels, at parades, dog shows, or anything else that needs a professional Pooper Scooper.

Before and after dog poop scoop

Jason Razon, owner of Scoop Up Poop, truly understands and enjoys helping make people’s lives just a little better. The former retail manager and Marine Corps veteran said “when I worked in retail, I never had time to clean up after my pets, I just wish I had found a service like mine years ago!”

The desire to open a business has always been there for Razon, and he has been a pet enthusiast since childhood. After researching business opportunities involving animals, he discovered a need in Orange County for pet waste removal. “You pay for a pool guy, you pay for house cleaning service, you pay for a landscaper,” Razon says, “I’m just adding another service to help make people’s lives more convenient and enjoyable. Landscapers typically will not clean up dog poop and will step in it squashing it into the ground, so a lot of customers hire me to come clean before the landscapers get there.”

The company understands that disease transmission is a major concern in the pet community and takes that concern very seriously. “After every house we clean, we thoroughly spray our tools and boots off with a virucide and a bactericide that kills animal borne diseases,” Razon said. The company also hauls away all of the pet waste it collects. “Sign up for our service and you will never have to smell it in your trash can again” says Razon.

Scoop Up Poop is proud to offer a convenient and affordable service that makes pet ownership a little more convenient and even possible for folks that have mobility issues. For just $11 for one service per week for one dog, and $3 for each additional dog, the cost is very reasonable. It helps people with mobility issues continue to joys of pet ownership without having to do the clean-up work.

To learn more about Scoop Up Poop, please visit, or call Jason Razon at (714) 876-3759.


Contact: Jason Razon,

Scoop Up Poop, K9 & Feline Waste Removal

4 Hartford

Irvine, CA 92604

Phone 714-876-3759

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4 thoughts on “Local company wants to clean up the dog poop in your yard”
  1. the most lazy ass people , cant pick up after their pets let alone care for them ,no respect

  2. I was thinking he could expand and clean up the SH!T that the council majority is leaving in their wake, and now with Palacio and Amezcua hit Chestnut and offer up the SAUSD their services.

  3. How about hiring this company to pick up the human feces from the civic center transients??

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