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Save Paul Walers FB

You can now express your support for our great City Manager, Paul Walters, on a new blog and on a new Facebook page. And be sure to show up to the next Santa Ana City Council meeting, on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 5 pm, to speak up for Walters.  Bring signs and tell your friends and neighbors.

Our ridiculous Santa Ana City Council majority continues to wage war on Walters, who saved our city from a horrible budget crisis last year.  Why isn’t the Council focusing on the problems our city faces?  Where are their good ideas?  These insane people would rather bring down one of Orange County’s best public administrators than work to improve Santa Ana.

A recall of Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez is now underway and it may widen to include more Council Members.  They have been harassing Walters to no end and trying to force him out even though he has an airtight contract that they approved unanimously just last year.

Let’s take a stand for Walters and show the Council that we the people run this city and the Council answers to us!

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63 thoughts on “It is time to Save our City Manager, Paul Walters!”
  1. Let him by himself. he is a lawyer making over $300K and couple other perks> But, if he transferred money from other funds. he is guilty as the former City manger of violating prop. 218> the people of Santa Ana wants the truth and their money back too. Let’s show who is in charge taxpayers

    1. As long as we’re on the subject of Paul Walters and the tax payers, check out this 1994 LA Times article about Walters’ SAPD operation to manufacture crack cocaine in SAPD labs using tax payer money and sell it to kids just a block away from Willard Intermediate. (why not Mater Dei?)

      Is the Walters/Martinez fight just a turf war between rival drug dealers?

      November 1994

      Santa Ana Police Make Crack to Use in Busts

      The Santa Ana, California Police Department is defending its practice of manufacturing crack cocaine in police labs for use in drug sting operations, a practice that until recently has been kept a secret (Lee Romney and Kevin Johnson, “Police Crime Lab Making Cocaine for Drug Busts,” Los Angeles Times, Oct. 21, 1994, p. 1).

      Defense attorneys in Orange County are attempting to stop these operations, which they and other law enforcement experts say are dangerous. Police are using the manufactured crack in “reverse sting” operations in which officers pose as drug dealers and arrest those that purchase drugs from them. The display of drugs by undercover police officers is a common tactic in reverse stings. However, departments rarely manufacture the drugs and introduce them into communities. Reverse stings typically use drugs seized in raids.

      A similar operation was halted in Broward County, Florida after the state Supreme Court upheld a ruling that found the reverse stings there illegal. Hundreds of cases were reversed. “It is incredible that law enforcement’s manufacture of an inherently dangerous controlled substance, like crack cocaine, can ever be for the public’s safety,” the court said.

      Santa Ana police take cocaine that has been seized in busts and cook it into crack cocaine. Lab technicians add a coating that rubs off on the skin of any person who touches the drug. That coating shows up only under a black light and helps police nab suspects who drop or swallow the drug.

      Over the course of the operation, police have arrested about 350 people, a large portion of those within a few blocks of Willard Intermediate School in Santa Ana. “We’re not playing games here,” Police Chief Paul M. Walters said. “We’re trying to give the streets back to the residents and we’re making progress.”

      Public Defender Dean Allen said that he knows of two juveniles who were arrested in the stings. “If they want to keep kinds away from drugs, I think there are probably a lot of better ways to do it than just to sell them the drugs,” he said.

      Some police officials agree, and warn that the practice can be dangerous. “I’d hate to be the department that permits this to happen, and it turns out that somebody overdoses or has a heart attack,” said Gerald Arenberg, executive director of the National Association of Chiefs of Police in Washington, DC.

      According to Santa Ana police officials, no one has been injured in the sting operations, but some buyers have taken the drugs before they were arrested.

  2. Thank You Mr. Pedroza. I’ll be loading up my car with neighbors and heading up to that meeting. If anyone needs transportation please let us know through the F.B. page. We have about half a dozen drivers and Mini-Bus standing by.

  3. Also, get their early and fill up the front rows first (So you can be seen on camera with your signs)
    I’ve heard the Gang of 5 is trying to pay people from outside of Santa Ana to come down and speak against Paul! (I bet if you do a background check you will find that many of them are people Paul or his men arrested in the past or they have family members who ar ex-cons) That’s who Martinez and her Gang of 5 runs with.

    They think no one will come two weeks in a row! Let’s show them how wrong they are! let’s pack the house on Monday and show them that the People have the Powere and we won’t let them fire our Top Cop and City Manager!

  4. Also, it’s important that you bring your whole family to the meeting on January 21st to thank Paul. If you are thankful that Paul and his men and women have stood up to the criminal element in Santa Ana over the last 30 years and you want him to keep making us safe then this is the meeting to attend. We are working on Save Paul Walters t-shirts and will have them available in front of City Hall.
    If you kids are involved in a Sports team, Folklorico Dance group, Karate studio, drama club, debate club, or any other youth group then bring your whole group down and allow your kids to dance, sing, spar, or in some way express their thankfulness to Paul Walters and show the love for a man who is being unfairly run out of town by this Gang of 5 who care only about their own selfish political desires. Our kids are our future leaders and as such have a right to be there and voice their support for Paul.

    This last meeting I cried when I saw children from our community dancing bailes folkloricos as a tribute to Paul. It really warmed my heart and I can’t wait to see hundreds more kids just like them there on the 21st to do the same.
    I was downtown shopping today and everywhere I went I heard people talking about saving Paul and making sure that crazy gang of 5 knows that the people are watching and we will not be silent any more!

    The Gang of 5 want to put one of their buddies in as City Manager and City Attorney and they have not background in Police work to keep us safe. With your help and that of your kids we can keep Paul on the job protecting us for another 10 years.

  5. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Stanislav Fiala is asking: Can catfight Cherie Kerr vs. Michele Martinez save Paul Walters?
    Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 19:39:34 -0800
    From: Standa
    To: Pulido Miguel, Walters Paul, Sarmiento Vincent, Benavides David, Martinez Michele, Tinajero Sal, Reyna Roman, Amezcua Angelica

    Hi Folks,

    So they want to recall you Michele to save Paul?… Hmmmmmm

    Excellent!… This may be your opportunity to become a Mayor of the Santa Ana Michele.

    Apparently, Kerr is gone move against you, singularly, excluding the rest of the Springsters….. and that is the good news, Michele!

    Every sword has double edge!

    As the Kerr’s community starts rallying against Michele Martinez the voters will start asking: What about the rest of the Springsters Benavides, Tinajero, Sarmiento and Reyna?

    Any reasonable voter will smell Kerr’s rat and you will look instantly very powerful in the public eye Michele. People root for an underdog.

    In contrast, Paul and Miguel will look like little rascals hiding behind the mom Kerr’s skirt….. and that is a political momentum which money can’t buy.
    See Sun Tzu’s Art of War!

    You will get large exposure and your name recognition in the media as the recall gets on the way. You will become instant Santa Ana hero taking it against the corrupt establishment. Same like Miguel 25 years ago which he already forgotten.

    You must be ready to answer reporters questions clearly and truthfully. Remember Claudia Alvarez, she always had her hands full papers with facts, waving them in front of defenders faces, forcing them to mollify.

    However, knowing you Michele, you can screw the above shown opportunity grandiosely by your youthful indiscretion tantrums like leaving the council meeting before it is adjourned.

    That was stupid!

    In the end, when asked to comment, all remaining Springsters uttered “no comment” and that was even stupider.

    It was your grate opportunity to turn Cherie Kerr’s crapola into a compost.

    Folks, if something is unclear here please do not hesitate to contact me.


  6. Let’s watch Dr. Lomeli and his puppet wife and kids put their money where there mouth is and defend Michele.

    Dr. Lomeli can’t vote. He is driven by GREED. He doesn’t live in Santa Ana, he practices denistry on Fourth Street. Who do you think his paitents are and how do they pay?????

    Art and his wife are so frightened that they’ll be kicked off the state pay gravy train, that they have hitched thier wagon to benavide’s cabal.

    I am disgusted by the practice of taking advantage of: Imigrants, Taxpayers and Residents. But, ask your self, this:

    Art Lomeli barely is visible on the radar where he lives, votes and rides his horses. but he posted nearly 1,000 internet posts in favor of benavide’s last year.

    Somebody should call state investigators. Maybe take a look at the adult children too. I think there is some MAJOR manipulation going on by the Orange Park Millionare.

  7. yes, let’s get everyone behind this city manger. This guy cares about the City. He has been in the ranks and now, he is at the helm of power and as a decision maker. Let’s get a mariachi, a folklorico dance group. Also, some pobrecitos from the Santa Ana many(poverty level) in the thousands and show support to keep our cops(high paid and driving the City finances and the general fund to cero). Great idea…. maybe, we can have the City manger and council dance (El son de la negra)too….. this is funny

  8. Don’t make mockery of our community Alex. Our dances, our music, our language are important to us.
    Paul has been there for us and now it’s time for us to stand up for him.

  9. Shame Shame on you Art You sold your soul & Dignity.

    As for the Maude Flanders (Simpsons) you can all go around town crying and screaming.

    This is our Town and no one can stop the great changes this city has yet to see in the near future.

    Recall Pulido.

    1. Really? That is quite a charge. Perhaps you could tell me where I have changed my mind on any of my key issues?

      Pulido has won handily every two years throughout his career. Doesn’t that tell you something?

      Martinez barely won in 2006 and was not challenged last time around. But she was thrashed in the June primary. What does that tell you?

      1. “What does that tell you?”…….. Hmmmmmmm

        That she is not corrupted by the unions and special interest as was the fatso who beat her by few votes, and;

        That she did not listen to my strategic advise to go after new voters, independent, who did not voted.

        1. Perhaps you weren’t there when the firemen brought her a birthday cake, at a Council meeting or when the union cops posed with her on a bridge?

          1. Sure I have seen all that but so have I seen the bank account statements.

            Art, how much campaign can you buy with a birthday cake?
            I have not seen on that bridge any exchange of money.
            All was just normal interaction of an elected official with his constituency.

            I can’t wait for the recall to start because I have my axe in the fray for Susie Young Kim murder by Walters’ SAPD13 and no public condemnation from Pulido nor Walters.

            Not mentioning Walters freebasing of cocaine in the SAPD labs for distribution to children under his psychopathic community policing efforts.

  10. Admin, is it true that at the next council meeting we are going to get a fly over from the Navy Blue Angels and that they are going to bring the Goodyear Blimp over Civic Center Blvd.? “Recall Martinez” Save “Paul Walters” “Read New Santa Ana!”

  11. Hey Art,
    What is SACBG? I hear they have a meeting on the same night as the Councilmeeting? Are they part of COMLINK?

  12. New Security Administration,
    We all know that Michele marches to her own drummer.
    But is she really all alone on this?
    Has she gone Sarah Palin Rogue?
    Or is she more like a reckless yet virtuous Whistle Blower that is going to be thrown under the bus by her political wolf pack?

  13. I am just frustrated at the mere fact of people not looking beyond the tip of their noses. Santa Ana it’s greater than that. Only the people in its community will make it better. Enough has been said, change is good. Only by changing and evolving our community will be better. Innovation and new blood infusion that knows the community will help us get ahead. Having more cops and not spending money on job creation (good paying jobs like our neighbors in Irvine) does not make a better living neighborhoods. Educate, empower and you should see the results. Away with the old move in with the new. Time for change

    1. Most families in this city aren’t going to go for what the reckless, greedy Council majority is selling. Santa Ana voters want safety and security. Going after the man who made our city safer has already backfired on this lame Council.

    2. Alex,

      What would YOU suggest?

      To make the kind of wholesale changes you describe would cost MILLIONS of dollars.

      To be frank, a large portion of those you need to “empower” to achieve your goal don’t care. You and your social group want to “Empower” them. They have no interest.

      Let’s be realistic.

      Not everyone is gonna be saved by the “DREAM”. But, plenty of us can raise good families, have enjoyable lives, raising great kids, that don’t go on to UCLA and then come back to write about “SANTANA” and bitching about whites in Floral Park. Become a LVN, then a nurse and then……

      Isn’t that what most of us did?

  14. Alex, the “New Blood” in this city is what the people in charge of this city are afraid of the most.
    Our city politicians are supposedly “Dems” ha ha.
    But a far cry from being Progressives.
    and no Admin.
    “Liberal” and “Progressive” are not the same.

    1. “‘Liberal’ and ‘Progressive’ are not the same”……. Hmmmmm

      They are!

      The bolsheviks, socialists, communists, leftists, liberals, progressives are same people same ideology based on taking money from people who work and giving them to people who do not work.

      Every time the label gets profane they put on new label.

      Now the new label is “progressives”.

        1. “By opposing the recall you’re siding with the commies…”…… Mmmmmmmmm

          It is called coalition admin.

          I have noting to gain by supporting Walters/ Pulido gang. I have done that for two elections and Pulido never sent me even happy birthday card.

          As soon as I prevail, the coalition will case and I will start shredding the Springsters into a compost.

          1. This is about birthday cards? What are you, some sort of Czech Charlie Brown? If you want birthday wishes set up a Facebook account.

          2. Oh Fiala, you need to let of your bitter past and keep moving forward. Good news! Mateo is going to help you set up a Facebook page so we can all send you birthday wishes.

  15. You are making a big assumption. Now, let’s not forget. Mr Walter was a police chief then. He is now the City Manager. This is totally different arena. maybe he should go back as police chief (that is what families want?) But, he is been there too long too. I believe the person filling his old shoes now is doing a great job too as long as he mentored any of the up and coming

  16. This is not so much about Walters as it is about The Mayor and the City Council.
    Nobody knows what The Manager and Staff had to do to balance the budget.
    Assuming that the budget was actually balanced.
    The more appropriate question is why does the Mayor have to call on 50 year olds plus in order to gather support.
    Sorry, the child performers do not count as real supporters!
    Where is the cultivation of support from the 20 year olds?
    of the 30 year olds?
    of the 40 year olds?
    Better yet, where is the cultivation of the support from 20 30 and 40 year old Latinos? Cops do not count.

  17. We all leave out of ” dreams” that is the founding dilemma of this great Country. It is unfortunately, narrow minded people would only see the tip of their nose. All the great communities did not established themselves overnight. Now, this City has been stuck for decades. Logan neighborhood, Delhi, and others have not seen the needed change. so, what is the elected officials role?
    On the other hand it was easier to get of the entire SAFD and use savings to balance the budget and
    what about the redevelopment monies? where are they Walters?

    1. Most of the Council majority has been there for six years. Al they did was drive the city into a hole and Walters had to save the day. They’re the incompetent ones!

  18. it is harsh to put it in those terms. I believe they agreed t the changes being implemented and to the budget itself. So, they could have bailed out and not compromise too. But, where are the monies from redevelopment? the City had a deficit of over $30 Million and without any mjor changes found the monies. Maybe these people have hidden funds?

  19. “Walters had to save the day”…….. Hmmmmmm

    Well, you can tell this to the SA educated brothers, admin.

    But the hundreds of millions of the “Structural Deficit” is still there and will be there until the city go BK.

    Why don’t you post how much is city behind to pay on its obligation to CalPERS and other such agencies.

    That liability is not posted in the pro forma budget.

    1. Yes, the job is not finished. So why get rid of the one man who can fix the mess the Council created?

      Fiala it is obvious that you have a personal vendetta against Walters. Does this stem from your arrest? That wasn’t his fault. It was yours, was it not?

  20. Why did you skip my comment about the fact that Martinez named you commissioner and you have done noting for her to make her stronger.

    That was her biggest mistake to trust you and Mill.

    You can do this crapola with me but it does not add to your credibility with me carpetbagger.

    1. Silly Fiala. I am not Carpetbagger. I have no clue who he is but he is clever.

      Michele’s biggest mistake was throwing in with the likes of Benavides and company.

    1. LOL! You guys are too funny. I post here as Editor and sometimes as Art Pedroza, depending on the user account I have signed in with. That’s it. I leave the anon names to the readers.

      I have no idea who Carpetbagger is, but others have used the same IP address over the years – which is fine with me. I really don’t care who these anon commenters are.

      Now Mateo you need to help Fiala to set up a Facebook page so that folks can send him birthday greetings. Apparently that is a big deal for him. BTW, did you wish Mayor Pulido a Happy Birthday today? Yes, it was his birthday.

      1. I have the proof that you are carpetbagger!

        As to Facebook, I had one but it is closed since it is first thing for IRS, CIA, FBI, ATF, NSA, SAPD, KGB, INTERPOL, HOMELESS SECURITY and other covered agencies to look up.

        It is also required to submit a password to your employer and attache to your resume.

        Only moron mongoloids are on the Facebook.

        1. Bring on the proof Fiala. I have proof too – we have completely different IP addresses.

          As for Facebook, if all of those agencies are looking for you then you have bigger problems than Martinez getting recalled…

          1. It is easy to post under different IP I use to did that in the old OJ to pretend that I am Dr. amalgam Lomeli and had discussion with Nelson in Spanish where I would copy and paste total Spanish nonsense and he would try to transliterate it to impress me about his Spanish.

            There is no such thing like perfect lie or crime admin because liars forget their lies.

            I have submited a comment which you have not printed so no one have seen it except for you.

            However, carpetbagger replied to my comment which was not printed.

            Can you explain to me how the carpetbagger new the contents of my comment which was not posted.

            I have sent you email to that effect too.

  21. Mateo and Fiala only pretend to be Paranoid Schizophrenics so that F.B.I. can keep sniffing our butts all throughout Santa Ana political landscape.
    You know the Drill! New Security Admin.
    Better keep your AK47 locked up or scratch out the serial#.

  22. It’s divisive and counter-productive to personalize this issue. There are some important questions regarding Mr. Walters appointment that have gone unanswered, such as:

    WHY was the original City Manager search suspended?

    WHO suspended it? Why wasn’t the search re-opened as was announced at the time of suspension??

    Why can’t the search be re-started and Walters put his hat in the ring?

    If he is the best candidate for Santa Ana then his submitting to a fair and open City Manager search would prove it once and for all. Then we could all move forward without any doubt that Chief Walters is the best person for the job.

    These motions for recall seem to distract from the real issue that a legitimate Hiring Process was NOT undertaken.

    Chief Walters = Great Guy, Honored Officer of the Law & Dedicated Public Servant

    City Manager = The Best Fit for Santa Ana based on experience in managing similar size communities & demographics as well as having a winning Vision for Santa Ana’s future.

    Remember that the City Manager represents our City not only at the County, Regional and State level, but at the National one as well.

    Does Mr Walters have the vision and connections to take Santa Ana to the next level?

    Is he ready to discourse & fully engage our community about: sustainable development, new technologies, civic branding, educational opportunities, food insecurity, public art, homeless issues, zoning & business stimulation, cultural tourism and green space concerns? These are issues that matter to Santa Ana residents.

    Do Mr Walters’ years of focusing on crime, policing and penal issues limit his perspective when addressing our increasingly cosmopolitan issues?

    Does his Law Enforcement background bias his approach in dealing with Santa Ana’s social & civic challenges?

    Until we can all ask these questions in a calm and civil way without demonizing the discussion, there will be no peace in our city.

    Does anyone know why the original City Manager search was called off???

    Instead of focusing on the histrionic & misleading “Save Paul Walters” rally call, we should focus instead on coming together to “Save Santa Ana!”

    Together we can answer the above questions.

    UNITED we can best serve Santa Ana!!

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